Lately, it’s all converged on Stewardship

It seems like my life recently has had a single common theme: stewardship. Typically, people connect stewardship with money. But when you really think about it, it relates to all aspects of life:

  • How we relate to our husbands and children
  • How we manage our homes
  • How we respond to our circumstances
  • How we interact with food
  • How we interact with neighbors
  • How we spend our time
  • And, yes, how we spend our money

How I’ve failed to be a good steward (examples from the past couple of weeks alone)

  • Didn’t plan meals well and ended up serving pasta 3 times and tried passing off (to my bottomless-pit family, mind you) dry cereal and half a hard boiled egg as a satisfying breakfast.
  • Haven’t had any sort of devotional pattern with the kids and have neglected to take advantage of so many golden opportunities to answer their little questions with actual answers that would help them see life through a Biblical world-view.
  • Didn’t stay focused on my tasks at hand. Scratch that. Didn’t have a clear vision of which task should actually be at hand. Is it laundry, reading with the kids, cleaning up the breakfast dishes, reading the seven books I have vowed to read this year about marriage, tending my overgrown garden, replying to clients’ emails, cleaning out the kids’ closet to evaluate what winter clothes they’ll need, researching bed options so that the two kids can move out of the crib they have been sharing for the last several months to something that actually fits them both comfortably, planning for the next grocery trip, or researching homeschool methods that I should actually be doing at the moment???

The good news

There is one redeeming thing about my string of failures as a steward: When I actually take the time to think about it, I am all the more amazed that Jesus never failed. He never sinned. Never missed an opportunity to serve or worship because He was lazy or distracted. Never was overwhelmed. He stewarded everything perfectly.

And because he lived the perfect life that I have failed to live and then bore the punishment that I deserved, I have peace with God and peace with others despite my failures. He promises to be with me and to continue to form me into His likeness until he returns. Oh, what a day that will be to be freed of this sin-laden flesh and to worship Him face-to-face in perfection!

Until that day

I would love to have your company as I travel this path of growth in the area of stewardship. I hope to use this blog as a means of encouragement and accountability.  (The accountability part is for me — if I know there are a few people checking in here, I’ll be more likely to stay on task). I hope to share great recipes, weekly menu plans, money-saving and non-toxic house cleaning tips, helpful resources, and the word of God to encourage and comfort us.


One thought on “Lately, it’s all converged on Stewardship

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! 🙂 I am so encouraged by you guys on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. I’m excited to get to follow you on here now too. I couldn’t think of a better theme for a blog, stewardship. That word is definitely something I am seeking to grow in…in all the areas you mentioned as well. It’s nice to know we’re not alone. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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