Menu for week of August 10th

Here’s an idea that I got from my friend, Leigh Ann’s blog:  Posting weekly menus.

I thought it was great on a number of levels:

  • It’ll give me some form of accountability to actually come up with and post my menu plan each week.
  • It’ll provide ideas for friends.  I know how much I enjoy peeking in on how things work in other homes.  Seeing my friend Leigh Ann’s weekly menu helped me to realize that I’m not the only one with a non-glamorous meal plan.  But her non-glamorous meal plan has fresh ideas for me (like planning out snacks, even basic ones).  So, hopefully my plans will help you in similar ways.  (Thanks for the inspiration, Leigh Ann!)

I’m hoping to eventually link to all the recipes that I use, so that if something looks interesting, you can check it out.  I’m not a recipe writer.  I just find other people’s recipes and cook them up.  Sometimes I provide slight variations, but not much.  I don’t yet trust myself to take too much liberty in a recipe. 😛

So here’s our menu plan for the week:


  • Eggs, sprouted toast with butter, cereal with banana and almond milk
  • Whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce, steamed broccoli and leftover cooked carrots
  • Snack: Diced mango and apple with plain yogurt
  • Dinner out with visiting in-laws


  • Breakfast out with visiting in-laws
  • Turkey sandwiches, carrot and celery sticks
  • Snack: Hard-boiled egg and fruit smoothie
  • Portabello burgers with potato fries


  • Gluten-free pancakes with blueberry sauce, eggs, leftover potatoes
  • Loaded salad with hard-boiled egg
  • Snack: nuts and raisins
  • Turkey sandwiches, carrot and celery sticks


  • Oatmeal, eggs, pineapple and yogurt
  • Loaded salad with hard-boiled egg and turkey
  • Snack: Fruit smoothie, cereal with almond milk
  • Almond butter and jelly, apple for Erika and kids (who’ll be on the road to Delano).  Frozen pizza for Erich.


  • Eggs, toast and oatmeal
  • Almond butter and jelly for kids.  Lunch out for Erika with mom and Jenny.  Turkey sandwich for Erich.
  • Pick up something on the way back home — maybe subs or Moe’s (one of our favorites!)


  • Eggs, toast, and cereal with almond milk
  • Baked ziti and salad (huge batch for workday group)
  • Leftover baked ziti and salad (hey, I’m not going to feel like cooking again after a workday! :-P)


  • Hard-boiled egg, oatmeal
  • Leftover ziti
  • Spanish chicken and rice

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