Loaded Salad

Here’s a lunch that Erich and I have come to enjoy often.  It’s actually much more filling than some of you might imagine “just a salad” to be.  The veggies can be swapped out according to preference, or what you have on hand, or what’s in season.  Combined with your favorite dressing, it’s a healthy mid-day meal that will leave you with more energy to do all the things God has called you to do.

Salad mix (I usually get a 1-lb organic spring mix from Sam’s for around 4 bucks!  It lasts us about a week. We also enjoy adding in some cruchy romaine.)



Celery (especially the leafy parts that never seem to get eaten.  These are perfect for salads!)




Hard-boiled egg, sliced or diced

Roasted red pepper, diced

Onion, raw or sauteed

Portabellos, sauteed

Chickpeas (or is it garbanzos beans?  I still don’t understand why they have two names. . .)

Sandwich Turkey (I buy our sandwhich meat from Earth Fare because all their meats are nitrates/nitrites free.  It’s a dollar more per pound than the Boars Head brand at Kroger, but the extra expense is worth it to us considering the medical bills we could incur down the road from ingesting things that are proven to be dangerous.)


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