Menu for week of August 17th

Since we’ve got two little ones getting over colds, we’re limiting dairy in this week’s menu.  Dairy encourages mucus production, which we certainly don’t need right now.

Ever since my vocal coach in Nashville assigned me a dairy-free diet to eliminate the constant throat clearing I was doing, I noticed the difference that dairy made. Eliminating it immediately eliminated the regular sinus infections I had.  And it wasn’t quite as painful as I had imagined to make the dairy-free jump.  It took Erich a few years to get on board with me, but as soon as he tested the dairy-free waters, he saw health improvements too.

Today, we are by no means a 100% dairy-free family.  We enjoy butter on our toast, yogurt, cheesy pizza, and the occasional ice cream treat.  The trick is that we try to pace the intake.  So, if I know we’re having for pizza for dinner, I’ll skip yogurt that day.  When we indulge too much, it’s inevitable that we’ll get congested and sick.  I don’t know if it’s an actual medical fact that some people can handle only small amounts of dairy at a time, but that’s the way it works in our house.

We have a few dairy-free substitutes that we use on a regular basis:

  • Almond milk. We use it in our cereal,  in recipes that call for milk, and to dunk our almond-flour chocolate chip cookies into.  The kids drink it by the glassful too. It’s rich and creamy, healthy and delicious!
  • Coconut oil. We use this healthy oil to cook our eggs, reheat leftovers, and sometimes to “butter” our toast. Erich loves to have a dollop of it added to his smoothies as little bits of chilled tropical goodness.

Sooo. . .here’s the menu:





  • Eggs, sprouted toast “buttered” with coconut oil, oatmeal topped with fruit and flax meal
  • Chicken leftovers (for adults), almond butter and jelly sandwiches (for kids)
  • Snack: Nuts and raisins
  • Frozen cheese-less pizza and steamed broccoli


  • Eggs, sprouted toast “buttered” with coconut oil, cereal with almond milk
  • Loaded Salad
  • Snack: Fruit
  • Baked Ziti (or plain pasta if it’s still too soon for cheese) and salad


  • Gluten free pancakes and blueberry sauce
  • Lunch out with Mom/Erich (depending on who’s in town)
  • Leftovers


  • Hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal with fruit and flaxseed
  • Pick up lunch after church
  • Leftovers

One thought on “Menu for week of August 17th

  1. For me, I notice that I am able to tolerate kefir and yogurt much more than milk, sour cream or ice cream. I am trying to cut back too as I have had a lingering respiratory/sinus thing. About 10 years ago I cut dairy out entirely for a month or so. When I had it again (ice cream) I felt instantly sick! Like I got a cold in an hour! So I know where you’re coming from with that!

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