Almond Butter

We use almond butter frequently in place of peanut butter – not always, but mostly.

Almond ButterWhy?  Well, there were a few things that caused our switch:

  1. I knew that the sugar and hydrogenated oils in standard peanut butters were NOT a good thing.
  2. I knew that there could be allergy issues if peanuts/peanut butter were given to young children.
  3. Somewhere along the way, we heard that almonds were better than peanuts and heard that there was such a thing as almond butter.
  4. I also knew that roasting nuts, like cooking many foods, reduces it’s health benefits and saw that there was raw almond butter available.

Soo. . .We started using it. Like anything new, it takes a little while for adult taste buds to adjust to the taste of non-peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But my kiddos ate it from a very young age and have no problem eating either almond butter or peanut butter.

I buy Maranatha’s Creamy and Raw Almond Butter.  It can be pricey (usually around $11 at my Kroger), but I watch for when it goes on sale (down to about $8.99) and snatch it up then.  When you consider that a jar lasts for about 20 sandwiches or so, it works out to about 50 cents a sandwich.  Not too bad for all the health benefits of almonds in a creamy (or crunchy) delicious form!

You can read more about almonds at the World’s Healthiest Foods website here.

And if you decide to stick with peanut butter, just read the label to make sure that the only things in it are peanuts and salt (if you want it salty).  NO high fructose corn syrup (in ANYTHING you buy!), NO sugar.  And if you can find it, raw would be even better.  🙂


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