Weekly Cleaning Schedule

As I’ve said before, I don’t make decisions in a hurry.  And in many cases, I’d rather make no decision than one I might possibly regret later.  This goes for routines and schedules too.  Sometimes I fear that I’ll make the wrong schedule that will lead to failure, so I’ll make nothing “official” at all.

It’s really just sin.  In my pride I don’t want to reveal myself as imperfect.  If I don’t have a standard to go by, I won’t fail at it.

It’s really an interesting dynamic, because I hate chaos and disorder.  I love routines – successful ones, of course.  So, though I’ve actually had a weekly cleaning routine in place for the last couple of years, I haven’t “set it in stone” for fear that suddenly circumstances would change and the stoned-in plan would shatter OR that I would simply not measure up to my own plan.

But that’s where the comforting truth that CJ Mahaney spoke to his wife comes in: Only God finishes His to-do list.

Committing to weekly meal plans for the last several weeks has been helpful for me to acknowledge this.  Yes, the plans change.  No, I don’t perfectly carry them out, but having a plan all laid out is far more beneficial than the slight discomfort of having to scratch something out and move it around a bit to make it fit with real, unpredictable life.

So, I’m officially laying out my weekly cleaning schedule.  Once it’s laid out, I’ll be better able to evaluate how well it really works.  And then I’ll actually be able to change and improve it.


Clean out fridge
Take out trash
Grocery shopping






Clean upstairs


Clean downstairs
Water plants




Menu planning
School planning


2 thoughts on “Weekly Cleaning Schedule

  1. So, I’ll stop in to see you on Moday to see if your fridge is cleaned out-heehee. Just dropping in after Heather told me about your blog. I look forward to more great recipes!

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