VERY Important Vaccine Question

The post I just did on the Swine Flu got had more traffic in one day than my entire blog has seen since it’s inception.  Obviously, this is a topic that is important to you, especially those of you with little ones.  Since I think it’s a worthwhile thing to discuss too, I’ve got a couple more posts on this topic for you.

This question comes from the National Autism Association.


I am so glad that more people are starting to ask questions, instead of blindly trusting the people telling us everything is fine and making millions in the process.  There are serious issues about vaccines that need to be addressed.

Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, a cardiac surgeon, Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle, and member of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness says:

Before a child reaches the age of two, he or she will have received 32 vaccinations on this schedule. . .One vaccine, against hepatitis B, to be given on the day of birth; seven vaccines at two months; six more (including booster shots) at four months; and as many as eight vaccines on the six month well-baby visit. Seven vaccines injected into a 13 pound, two-month old infant are equivalent to 70 doses in a 130 pound adult.

You can read his entire article, along with his recommendations for a user-friendly vaccination schedule here.


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