Jesus Storybook Bible

Hello again!JSB

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  We’ve been off enjoying time with all of our family (with no email, facebook, or blogs).  The break was very nice, but we’re back now.  And life is returning to it’s lovely, full pace again.

I just read a post on a blog about The Jesus Storybook Bible, an all-time-favorite, that I couldn’t have agreed with more.  It inspired me to share this special book with all those who might not already be familiar with it. You can read the post here.

After a little further research, I also just found out that the Jesus Storybook Bible now has a deluxe edition complete with audio for each story! (I know another thing I’m adding to my. . . I mean, my kid’s. . .wish list!)

If you know of any children who may need a gift soon, please consider giving this book to them.  Or if you’re looking to read a simple version of the Bible that will surprise you with it’s depth of emotion and with the way it brilliantly connects every Bible story to Jesus, buy one for yourself.

I’ve learned more from this kids’ Bible than I can explain here.  No kidding.


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