Green Lemonade

The Juiceman Electronic Professional Series 410 Elite Edition
The Juiceman Electronic Professional Series 410 Elite Edition

My mom bought us a used Juiceman Professional Series 410 juicer while back as a “Thank You” gift.  We had been wanting to get into juicing for a while, and she happened to find a never-used one for sale from a lady at her work.  It’s been a gift that we’ve enjoyed on a weekly basis for the past 4 years.

Our all-time favorite juicing recipe is Green Lemonade.  I can’t remember if I made up the recipe or just the clever name.  Either way, it’s a terrifically tasty and healthy way to get a big shot of vitamin C along with all the goodness of raw, fresh apple juice.  Perhaps the best part is that I can also get my kids to ingest the goodness of spinach with this juice, something I can rarely get Madeline to eat and never have gotten Anson to eat yet.  Spinach is loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Folate. Though it doesn’t cause the juice to taste at all “spinachy,” the spinach adds that unexpected twist of color that gives the juice it’s name.

Anytime we’re on the edge of sickness or have spent time on vacation eating less-than-balanced meals, I serve up a nice glass of this juice to infuse us with good stuff that we’ve been missing out on.

But we also serve it on any-old-days.  The pictures below were taken after Anson got up from his nap when he and I decided to make “special juice” (a name that encompasses any combination of fruits/vegetables we put through the juicer).

You can use apples alone or a combination of apples and pineapple to give the juice a natural sweetness.  Anytime I buy a whole pineapple, I make sure to keep the core.  This otherwise unusable part of the pineapple is perfectly juiceable!

As one last note before I get to the recipe, I always try to use organic apples, lemon and spinach.  Apples and spinach are among the most contaminated fruits and vegetables.  Lemons aren’t, but since we use the rind in this recipe, I get organic so that our lovely juice doesn’t include the wax, preservatives, and pesticides from the rind.   Pineapple, however,  is one of the least contaminated fruits, so I don’t buy that organic.

To make it, juice into a large glass:

  • 4 apples, with core and seeds removed OR
    2-3 apples with core and seeds removed + pineapple core
  • 1/3 lemon with rind
  • A couple of handfuls of spinach, smushed together into a tight ball

This makes just enough for a decent sized shot for all 4 of us.  For a full glass, you’ll have to make more.

If Anson can make Green Lemonade, so can you!  🙂

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