Menu plan week of November 16th

I really liked not having to plan meals last week because I had already planned two weeks out. I think it’s also going to help lower the grocery budget  since I’m in the mindset to make one big trip and one small one instead of two big trips.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up and we’ll all be headed to spend a long weekend at my parents’ house, I’m only planning out a week and a couple of days.  But I’ll probably return to the 2 week planning thing next time around.

Monday (Worship Team)

Turkey Burgers (half of ground turkey package) and Coconut Oiled and Baked Potato Fries


Turkey-Stuffed Peppers (other half of ground turkey package) and Salad

Wednesday (Care Group)

Taco Soup and Salad


Rotisserie Chicken and Salad
(Make chicken stock from the bones)


Leftovers and Salad


Goulash and Salad

Sunday – Tuesday (Me and kids at my parents’)

Leftover goulash and turkey sandwiches for Erich while we’re gone

“Baked” Potato Soup at parents’ house (a slow cooker recipe)


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