An Exercise in Kindness

Oh what a neat project this has been!

I’ve been following the updates given by International Christian Concern about the Burmese orphans whom they help support.  I read about an attack several weeks back that caused the children to have to flee across a river in the middle of the night to a neighboring country.  Our family prayed for the children and Erich and I were moved to give a financial gift to help get them the items they needed to set up a new camp.

I was thrilled to hear about another special way to serve the Burmese kids: to pack a shoebox full of requested items for them.  The orphanage’s caretaker came up with this simple wishlist:

  • Warm Socks
  • Comb or Hair Brush
  • Warm Woolen Hat
  • Fancy Notebook
  • Stickers
  • Toothbrush
  • Small Stuffed Animal

Erich and I determined we would send four boxes for girls and four for boys.  And Madeline, Anson and I made it our project this past weekend to buy all the items for the kids.    We talked about how these kids don’t have a mom or a dad anymore and how they didn’t have simple things like warm socks or simple toys like stickers.

This activity has perfectly coincided with this week’s Fruits of the Spirit study: Kindness.  (More details on our Kindness study later in the week.) We walked through the stores singing the lyrics to “You Show Me Kindness” as we picked out just the right things to fill up the children’s boxes.

You are always loving
You are never mean
You are always thinking of my good
You are always giving
Providing for my needs
Helping me to do the things I should

You show me kindness
In oh-oh-oh so many ways
E-e-every single day
Kindness, kindness
Help me to be like You today

You are always caring
You are never cruel
Even when You see me doing wrong
Help me to be sharing
What I receive from You
Help me to be kind to everyone

I hope you enjoy this season of reflecting God’s kindness.  How kind of God to give us a perfect gift in Jesus and then allow us to participate in giving gifts to others!  If you’d like to learn more about this special project, visit here.


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