A glimpse into the goodness of God

Today is my Memere’s birthday.  (Memere is French for Grandmother.)  She is an amazing woman.  On this special day I thought it would bring her joy to highlight her commendable qualities by telling you about the most amazing product of her labors: my mother.

My mom is sad in this picture because my Memere's visit was just about over.

This past weekend was a perfect example of the selflessness, the diligence, and the sacrifice without hesitation that my Memere has passed along to my mother.

Let me start with how I got in a position to need her selfless, diligent and sacrificial care.  Over the course of the last 3 months during this first trimester, my house has slowly drifted into chaos:

  • Kids toys had begun overtaking our living room.
  • A nasty film of gunk had formed on our coffee table where smoothies and other unknown substances had spilled and never been cleaned up.
  • The original color of the tile in our half bathroom was hardly recognizable due to our dogs’ sloppy drinking habits which leave water all over the floor to then draw out any mud on their paws.
  • My recycling had only been halfheartedly dealt with, so I had stray empty toilet paper rolls, empty oatmeal boxes, and random scrap papers bursting out from under my kitchen sink and other random places.
  • My floors hadn’t been mopped in nearly the whole 3 months.
  • Boxes and other homeless items had taken up residence in my stairways and hallways.
  • Plants I had intended to re-pot months ago, still remained in their original (and presently WAAAY too small) containers.
  • And I needed to buy maternity jeans.  I am not a huge fan of shopping and I needed someone to help push me to make it happen.

I needed help getting back on top of things.  And I knew of only one person who could possibly be willing to help me to the bitter end.  My mother.

Like a hero she arrived Friday evening and had my kitchen and living room whipped into shape within just a couple of hours.  Before I had even come downstairs on Saturday morning she had folded a load of laundry, organized all of my recycling, cleaned my oven, and taken out our dogs. (And actually, I could be forgetting 4 or 5 other things.)

Before 11am Saturday, she had helped me clean up the kitchen after breakfast, clean out half of the clutter in our garage, drop off all of our recycling, and pick up a few things at the grocery store. I already felt like life was back on track and was feeling like a hundred pounds had been lifted off of my shoulders.  But she still had more in store.  She bought us lunch, helped me find maternity jeans, and mopped my hardwood floors before finally passing out exhausted on our couch that evening.

And the next day before she left to take care of things in her own home, she did another couple of loads of laundry, loaded up the dishwasher, gave my kids a bath, dressed them and dropped them off to church (where Erich and I had to be early that morning).

As I considered all she had done for me that weekend alone, I was a teary-eyed mess. And as I enjoyed worship, I realized that my mom had given me a glimpse into the goodness of God by her actions.  Not just that weekend, but all my life long.

“For His perfect love will never change
And His mercies never cease
But follow us through all our days
With the certain hope of peace”

My mom had helped me to better understand God’s perfect love and unceasing mercies by her actions. And what a thought that the Lord’s love and mercy extend far deeper than my mother’s!  His go all the way into my sinful heart.  His beckons me even when I push Him away.  He loved me when I ignored Him and worshiped myself instead.

So, mom, thank you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And Memere, thanks for creating and raising such an awesome mom for me to have!

Just like the Proverbs 31 woman, you two work with willing hands, rise while it is yet night (a characteristic I’m not sure I’ll ever grow into) to provide food for your houses, dress yourselves with strength and make your arms strong.  Strength and dignity are your clothing.  The teaching of kindness is on your tounge.  You look well to the ways of your houses and do not eat the bread of idleness.  Your children rise up and call you blessed.

Yes, you are blessed indeed. And I have been the recipient of your energy and strength. I love you both!  Happy Birthday, Memere!


2 thoughts on “A glimpse into the goodness of God

  1. What a terrific job you did with your blog? You are really keeping me up on things when you do this! I read your dad’s blog and he did good also…who is teaching who? I bet maybe Erick helped you too.
    I received the papers my great grandchildren sent, they too are good writers and the coloring was terrific..I know that Anson knew all the letters of the alphabet because his big sister Madeline helped him . Keep up the good work, I am so proud of all of you and love you more than you will ever know.


  2. Erika,
    Thank you so much for for your words of praise for both these women. They certainly are worthy of the title of virtuous women. I was introduced to both of them on the same day in 1979 (along with a crying 9 month old little girl), and all three have brought nothing but blessings to my life. I wish I had half of the attributes of these three virtuous woman. Your mother often tells me she has “no talent”, she says “I don’t know what my gift is”. For years I have been trying to convince her that she possess the greatest gift of all, “charity”. Your acknowledgement of her unselfish dedication to you and your family has greatly helped her self esteem. Like mother, like daughter, like granddaughter, like great granddaughter! Pass on the gift of charity! You only left out one thing, the day she performed the bulk of this work, to her it was her day of rest! Praise God for Elaine! Dad

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