Still alive and well

Hi all,

It’s felt like forever since I’ve updated this blog.  So much has been going on.

  • We successfully moved.  Well, we’re 90% moved.  Our entire garage still needs to be moved over and some of Erich’s clothes are still in his old closet.  But we’re functioning well in our new place.
  • Lots of work has been going on in our old place.  Our kitchen cabinets have been refinished.  All the walls of the lower level and stairwells have been painted. And just yesterday, we had the hardwood floors sanded and one coat of really cool dark stain applied.  The house is looking so good!  Just another week or so of work and we’ll be ready to list it!  It will be a sad but exciting time for us.  We loved that house so much and are sad that our that our days there are over.  But we are so glad to see it fill all of the great potential it had!
  • We’ve been working lots.  I am getting closer to the point of being able to retire from my part-time work and be a full-time mom again.  Though I have really loved this job and the blessing that it’s been, it’s really exciting for me to consider life without so much computer time.
  • There have been some medical issues that have kept us busy too.  This busy season of moving and getting our house ready to sell has also been an expensive one.  We’ve been  spending lots of money on house projects, which has caused us to cut corners on nutrition.  I’ve been ignoring food sensitivities, favoring quick prepared foods over more laborious home-cooked meals.  And we’ve definitely noticed a difference.  I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say that we’ve again turned away from those prepared foods to protect our gift of health.  We’ve got too much to do at home and church to be down with medical issues!
  • Baby 3 is still growing and doing well.  The ultrasound doctor was 95% sure the baby is a girl, so we’ve been addressing her as Keiryn Joy.  We’re really excited – especially Madeline.  I’m 24 weeks and bigger than ever.  I feel lots of movements, which is always incredible

Sooo, that’s  a re-cap for now.  I’ve got to run and make lunch, but I hope to post some more recipes and other fun stuff soon.

I hope you all are well!

Talk soon!



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