Menu plan week of May 24th

Well, we’ve been trying to do more gluten-free stuff lately.  After a bit of testing, we found that Erich especially functioned much better without gluten.  We’ve also been trying to watch money right now until we sell our house.  Soooo, here’s the plan for the week:

Typical Breakfasts :

Typical Lunches:

  • Loaded Salad
  • Chips/Gluten free crackers with hummus
  • Leftovers

Typical Snacks (Definitely important with this never-ending appetite of mine):

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Smoothies (My favorite these days involves coconut milk and berries.  I’ll try to post it soon.)

And here is the dinner plan:


Hamburgers with romaine lettuce “bun” and potato fries (Coupon for 2 free Earth Fare hamburgers)

Tuesday (Bluff Board Meeting)

Baked Ziti (with gluten-free pasta)

Wednesday (Care Group)

Spinach and Artichoke Dip with organic blue corn chips and Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad


Black Bean Burgers with romaine lettuce “bun” and potato fries


Two-Bean Chili with Avocado


Eat out


Date night

Monday (Memorial Day)

Leftovers/Breakfast for Dinner


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