Vaccination Consideration (5 of 9): Lack of Integrity in Industry and Government

Proof for the necessity and safety of vaccines has a long, deceptive history. Issues started with the very first vaccine for polio and have continued right through 2009’s H1N1 vaccine.


This is the fifth of nine reasons we’re going to explore for why we decided not to vaccinate our children. If you missed the intro to this series, please read it here. It contains groundwork critical for properly understanding my motivation for writing this series.

Proof for the necessity and safety of vaccines has a long, deceptive history. Dr. Randal Neustaedter gives this decisive evaluation:

Vaccines are destroying our immune systems. Amazingly, the medical profession ignores the incriminating evidence against vaccines, and continues to inflict more unnecessary and harmful vaccines on our nation’s infants. . .

Why is the public unaware of these findings? Why has the medical profession kept these reports hidden from the public eye? With typical condescension, Dr. Martin Smith, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, explained in the Academy’s News that the inclusion of this type of information in vaccine brochures would confuse many parents and could even needlessly alarm them. An uninformed patient is compliant.

The cover-up of immune system failure following vaccination is reminiscent of the tobacco industry’s continuous denial and misinformation campaign about the dangers of cigarettes. In both instances huge profits are at stake in multibillion-dollar industries. Vaccine manufacturers cannot afford to have their product maligned in a public forum.

Issues started with the very first vaccine for polio and have continued right through 2009’s H1N1 vaccine.  Keep in mind that these examples are by no means an exhaustive list of the instances of lack of integrity in the industry and in government.  They are just a few of the ones I have personally come across.

Cover-ups for America’s First Polio Vaccine

As I mentioned in the introductory post to this series, Erich and I read The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the Millions of Americans Exposed. We were shocked at the lengths to which the vaccine producers and government went to suppress information that would reveal the serious issues involving their vaccine.

Publishers Weekly review of this book says:

This sordid story spells out how repeated research studies showing that the “SV40” virus was in the vaccine were dismissed by federal health officials, so that “there would be no warning to consumers that the vaccine they and their children were receiving contained a live monkey virus whose effect on humans was entirely unknown.” In the second part, the authors contend that even today such organizations as the National Institutes of Health continue to dismiss study results, even though numerous studies have shown that SV40 is capable of causing cancer in humans. The final and most horrific part of the story reports that Lederle Laboratories, the sole oral vaccine supplier in the U.S. from 1977 onward, continued to use monkey kidneys possibly infected by the SV40 virus in its manufacturing process until oral polio vaccine was removed from the market as late as January 2000.

In 1961 federal health officials ordered vaccine manufacturers to screen for the virus and eliminate it from the vaccine.  But because they were “worried about creating a panic, they kept the discovery of SV40 under wraps and never recalled existing stocks. For two more years, millions of additional people were needlessly exposed – bringing the total to 98 million Americans from 1955 to 1963,” February 2000 edition of “The Atlantic Monthly” reported.

Lack of Protection Against Thimerosal

In 2000, a conference was held by the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.  Medical experts, government officials, and pharmaceutical reps were all in attendance to discuss the relationship between mercury in vaccines and neurological problems (like autism).

David Johnson, State Public Health Officer in Michigan and a member of ACIP, was concerned enough to warn his family to stay away from vaccines containing thimerosal.  He said on pages 199-200 of the meeting transcript:

My gut feeling? It worries me enough. Forgive this personal comment, but I got called out at eight o’clock for an emergency call and my daughter-in-law delivered a son by C-section. Our first male in the line of the next generation, and I do not want that grandson to get a thimerosal-containing vaccine until we know better what is going on. It will probably take a long time. In the meantime, and I know there are probably implications for this internationally, but in the meanwhile I think I want that grandson to only be given thimerosal-free vaccines.

John Clements from the World Health Organization’s Expanded Program on Immunization, was worried about the study’s results and how it would affect his job of making sure 100 million people are immunized each year.  He said on page 247-249 of the meeting transcript:

. . .Perhaps this study should not have been done at all. . . how we handle it from here is extremely problematic. . . the research results have to be handled. . . information that will be taken by others and will be used in other ways beyond the control of this group. . . My mandate as I sit here in this group is to make sure at the end of the day that 100,000,000 are immunized with DTP, Hepatitis B and if possible Hib, this year, next year and for many years to come, and that will have to be with Thimerosal containing vaccines unless a miracle occurs and an alternative is found quickly and is tried and found to be safe.

Despite all of the negative or ambiguous studies and warnings, the government failed to take decisive action to remove the questionable-at-best preservative from the vaccines.

The following video was taken in 2002 during a series of hearings on the safety of thimerosal in vaccines that Republican US Representative Dan Burton from Indiana headed.  In this video around the third minute, he begins posing direct but simple questions to a rep from the FDA on why thimerosal is still included in vaccines despite its likely connection to autism.  The FDA rep has no good answer as to why they continued to allow it.

Inflated H1N1 Numbers

In October 2009, President Obama officially declared the H1N1 virus to be a national emergency, stating that 1,000 people have died from it. However, there was no statistic, even in the government’s own records, substantiating Obama’s 1,000 H1N1 deaths statistic.

Beyond that, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) had not been tracking H1N1 virus activity since August 30th. The government confesses on its own website that it stopped confirming the cases of hospitalizations and deaths from H1N1. The CDC only reported all laboratory-confirmed influenza AND pneumonia/influenza cases identified by symptoms, not laboratory results. There was absolutely no differentiation between regular flu, H1N1, and pneumonia in their numbers.

To recap, the new numbers included:

  • Anyone who was hospitalized because of, or died from, pneumonia or “pneumonia-like” symptoms.  This was not limited to actual, lab-reported, verified pneumonia.  It included presumed or suspected cases of pneumonia.
  • Anyone who was hospitalized because of, or died from, “influenza-like” symptoms. This was not limited to actual, lab-reported, verified influenza.  It included anyone with symptoms similar to influenza but not related to influenza at all, like colds and upper respiratory infections.

So, the new numbers were terribly inflated, including both laboratory confirmed and syndromic cases.  (Syndromic cases are those identified by symptoms only.)

YET, the media, medical establishments, and the president, quoted those new numbers to cite the massive proliferation of  H1N1.  Why?  In order to sell more vaccines.  Check this excerpt from an article by Time published on Saturday, October 24, 2009.  (Commentary mine, of course)

“To be basically in the peak of the flu season in October is extremely unusual,” said Centers for Disease Control (CDC) head Thomas Frieden. “The numbers continue to increase.” (Hmmm. . . wonder why. . .)

The best way to slow the growth of those numbers would be to rapidly manufacture and distribute the new H1N1 vaccine.  (Convenient, isn’t it?)

Other Examples

Examples of these kinds of shady, unethical practices stud the history of vaccine manufacturing and government actions in relation to them.  Here is another example from 2007:

My Motivation

In conclusion, I’d like to quote from a previous post I did touching on this subject:

My motivation is not to stir up hatred of our government or the medical industry, but to expose fallacies and misinformation so often propagated by these groups so that we will be discerning and wise in the decisions we make.

I do have suspicions about our government’s intentions.  As James Madison said, “All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.”

And I do believe that because the medical industry is so tied up with the pharmaceutical industry, there is much room for greediness or ignorance to overshadow the truth.

But apart from God’s grace I would be just as corrupt and greedy. I was tempted to walk out of Sam’s Club a couple of weeks ago with an extra bag of avocados that no one scanned. If I could abandon God’s law to gain 5 avocados, what would I do in a position of power and influence?

I have to continually check my heart when I research these matters.  I have to remind myself that I need to pray earnestly for our leaders, who will one day give an account to God Himself.  But, oh, how thankful I am that I am a citizen of heaven!  One day God’s kingdom will come in fullness and His perfect and righteous will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Read the next post in this series here.

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