Clarification on the previous post

I am going to add this statement to the end of the Videos of a Girl and a War post, but I thought I’d add it here too.

After I made this post, I got into a couple of discussions about whether the Christian group’s actions were right.  Was it right for them to go into a hostile environment at night and taunt the locals by worshipping a God they didn’t believe in?  Would it have been more productive and less confrontational to go during the day before the drinking hours began and to earnestly seek to speak to them rather than just singing? 

Charles Spurgeon makes an interesting distinction between bearing the cross as Jesus did and seeking after needless persecution:

I do not think we should seek after needless persecution.  That man is a fool and deserves no pity who purposely excites the disgust of other people. No, we must not make a cross of our own.  Let there be nothing but religion to object to, and then if that offends them, let them be offended; it is a cross that you must carry joyfully. (The Power of the Cross of Christ,p.36-37)

Was this group’s approach seeking after needless persecution?  Or was it testifying boldly and bearing the offense joyfully?  I’m not sure.  I don’t know if that was the best way to reach the homosexuals.  But I do know that the girl’s love for the Lord is worthy of emulation and that these hostile homosexuals need our prayers.


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