The Electric Company

Around here, we’re hooked on The Electric Company.  It’s the only TV show we watch on a regular basis.  Come 5:30pm, the kids and I are curled up on the couch to watch PBS’s coolest learning show.  Each episode has a main story revolving around the Electric Company (good kids) and the Pranksters (their enemies).  Like any worthy show or story, the good kids always win. In between the main story are tons of different mini-segments – songs, beat-boxing sessions, silly cartoons – all of which teach various reading skills.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve included some clips below.

But the coolness doesn’t stop at the show.  We’ve recently delved into the awesome Electric Company website.  There are all kinds of games kids can play to sharpen their reading skills.  It’s like the next website step for a kid who has worn out  As a homeshooling mom, I love having great (free!) websites like these to let the kids “play” on when I need them to do some independent stuff.  Their play reinforces things we’re learning about, and (in my humble estimation) can totally be counted towards school time.


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