The Thoughtful Parent’s Guide to Thinking Through Vaccinations

Here is a fabulous short series of posts (three, to be exact) about vaccinations featured on one of my favorite Christian healthy homemaking websites, Keeper of the Home.

I loved the first post, The Thoughtful Parent’s Guide to Thinking Through Vaccinations, for the following reasons:

  • The author did a great job of presenting vaccine information without a lot of bias.  I, on the other hand, presented all of my information with quite the bias.  (You may have noticed – haha)  To be fair, our purposes for writing was very different.  I was explaining why we decided to avoid vaccines; she was presenting both sides of the debate. In her own words, her purpose in writing this post was to “serve you and equip you to become the most informed, critically-thinking guardian of your child’s health that you can be!”  It was not to win converts to her position.
  • The author presented a great overview of vaccine issues, starting with the basic premises behind both the pro-vaccine and cautionary-vaccine stances.  Her points in the cautionary section closely follow the ones I talked about in-depth in my Vaccination Consideration Series.

The second post outlines 10 Questions to Ask to help you decide whether a vaccine is appropriate for your child at this point in his life.  The most stellar thing about this post is the example she gives at the end of the research she did on the polio virus and vaccine.

The final post is full of Pro-Vaccine and Cautionary Resources.  This is a great “Consumer Reports” list of resources for parents wanting to consider both sides of the vaccine debate.

I really appreciate the time and care taken to put this information together. I hope you benefit from it too!


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