Continent and Ocean Song

We’re starting a new curriculum about countries and cultures.  I am so excited!  We’re just learning about the continents and oceans now.  Being the musical kind of family we are, and knowing how easily we can memorize things when they’re set to music, I looked for a good song to teach them.  This was the best one I found. Though it seemed a bit cheesy to me at first, I eventually settled on it because it was clear (no classroom full of kids mumbling the words), included some neat points to aid memory (Europe is the only one that doesn’t start with A), and was short and sweet.

I found out afterward though, that it’s not entirely accurate. In 2000, they (whomever “they” may be exactly) added another ocean.  So, now instead of four oceans, there are five.

We have adjusted this song accordingly.  So, we now sing:

Indian, Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Southern makes it so specific
When we name the seven continents and the five oceans.

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this as much as we have.


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