“100 Days of Real Food” Menu Plans

I just read a fascinating blog post on Keeper of the Home’s site, called Meal Plans from “100 Days of Real Food.”

Even though I’ve been on my healthy journey for almost 7 years, I still feel like a novice in so many ways. There are so many more things to learn, so many approaches, philosophies, and nuances to consider.  That’s why I appreciate the author’s simple and basic approach.  She started at the beginning, a place where I am comfortable.

The detailed student in me (or is it really just the voyeuristic part of me?) also also appreciates a good, long look into someone’s private life.  Things like detailed menu plans really help me to consider practical ways of adjusting our practices, even if our criteria for healthy foods don’t line up completely. (We are still avoiding gluten as much as possible unless we come upon a better understanding of how to incorporate it without our bodies responding poorly.)

I’m linking up to her menu plans here just so I have them handy, but I do recommend checking out her site too.  




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