Exploring Countries and Cultures Culinarily

We are thankful to be enjoying our second year of homeschooling.  I particularly love the curriculum we are using this year, Exploring Countries and Cultures. So far, we’ve “traveled” through North and South America, “visiting” Canada, Mexico, and Brazil along the way.  Presently, we’re “in” Norway.

As we explore different countries, we learn about their physical land and the animals that live there, study their flag, listen to their music, and do occasional related art projects. (To be honest, I’m terrible about getting art projects going.  We often skip them. . .) We read novels that take place in the country we’re “in.” For example, we read Anne of Green Gables when we were in Canada, and we are presently reading Heidi while we’re near Switzerland.  We also read stories about the country’s history, cultures, and missionaries. (The reading is my favorite part – I’ve already paused the rest of the curriculum several times so that we could enjoy extra books).

As if that’s not fun enough, we also make and eat the country’s foods as authentically as we can.

Though I didn’t make note of the recipes we’ve done so far, I figured it would be good to keep track of them going forward so that we could enjoy them when we go through this material again in four years.  Below I’ll compile links to the recipes we enjoy, starting with the fare we most recently enjoyed from Norway.

Norweigan Fare

African Meat Curry


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