Overwhelmed (in a good way)

Oh friends, I’ve been wanting to share so much with all of you, but I haven’t known where to start.  I am sure that some of you are concerned for me because of the strange references I’ve made here, on facebook, and via email.  To those who have been concerned and are still here reading this, I want to say thank you for not being scared off!  I have such an inexpressible love for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have been overwhelmed by the word of God lately.  Wave after wave of revelation has been hitting me as I study and see God’s word tied together in profound ways.  Scriptures that have been difficult and problematic for me to reconcile for more than a decade have been opened up to me.  As soon as I see one thing, another thing opens up. Tensions have been reconciled, and joy has poured forth. (And just for the record, I’m writing in a solo kind of voice, but I haven’t been alone on this journey.  Erich has been with me testing, praying, exploring, listening, learning, and rejoicing too.)

With so much going on, I’ve been at a loss for how to sum it all up.  I don’t want to lose any of my wonderful friendships because I’ve simply fallen off the map.  I want to share everything and engage in discussion about it all. But it has seemed an impossible task.

Instead of trying to do it all at once, I’m going to go back to my original story, which started with My Secret Inner Struggle, and pick back up where I left off. The next part of the story will be Listening to My Inner Count.

I would be so honored if you would take the time to track with me through this journey in order to understand a little more clearly where I am right now. Whether or not you stick with me any further, please know that my lack of communication over the last couple of months is not an indication that I’ve moved on from you.  I love you more than ever!


One thought on “Overwhelmed (in a good way)

  1. Waiting … and praying for you

    p.s. I learned something about the word “shalom” which usually gets translated “peace.” It’s really closer to this: Nothing missing, nothing broken.

    Sounds like that’s what you’re walking into.

    Love you!

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