Biblical Feast Days: Introduction

According to our calendar, the new year has begun. This is good news for me.  The days are now getting longer, which in my mind is huge.  It means spring, the season I ache for as soon as leaves begin to drop in the fall, is just a couple of months away.

I have a theory about winter being a consequence of the fall.  I won’t go into all of that right now, but now is the perfect time to point out that I am not the only one who sees spring as a time of blessed beginnings.  Did you know that God, Himself, starts His calendar in spring?

As we endure the last of winter, my entire being gears up for the real new year – God’s new year – which explodes not only with new physical life, but with spiritual meaning that God had written into our yearly cycle via the feast days in ages past.

If you have ever been interested in the Biblical feast days – the holy days –  I warmly invite you to join me in this series as I share what I’ve found in my studies.

Here’s a preview of the posts to come.  (This plan is subject to slight adjustments as I finish the posts :-))

  • For Jews Only? To whom do the feast days belong?  And for whom did God design them? It is critical to search out answers for these important questions in the scriptures.  After all, if the feasts are only for the Jews there’s not much point in going any further in the study.
  • New Testament Observance? Did New Testament believers observe the feast days? Specifically, did they continue to observe the feast days after the Savior died and was resurrected? And did former Gentiles observe them?
  • Future Observance? Does scripture point to feast days being kept in the future?
  • When and Why Did They End? How did the end of the feast day celebrations come about? And by whose hand did they end?
  • Prophetic Rehearsals in the Spring Days?  Why did God call the feast days “appointed times?” Are there prophetic meanings to these days that have already been fulfilled?
  • Prophetic Rehearsals in the Fall Days?  Are there any feasts that have yet to be fulfilled?
  • For Today? Should followers of Christ observe the feast days today?

As in everything, you should test all things to the Word.  If you find anything in these posts or anywhere in this blog that is contrary to the Word, I sincerely ask you to bring it to my attention. I have by no means arrived at a fullness of knowledge. As the Spirit  saturates my mind and heart with more truth, my understanding of the Word is constantly being tweaked and clarified.  The Father uses others to help do this tweaking and clarifying work.  So please, offer insights, ask questions, or share concerns if you have them. I am blessed by all who walk alongside me to sharpen, challenge, and encourage me.


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