Free Resources to Learn the Hebrew Alphabet

We are starting to learn Hebrew!

I didn’t buy an official curriculum because I figured that I could probably find enough free, online resources to at least get the Aleph-Bet under our belts. Sure enough, there’s lots of great resources out there to get started.

Here are those I have gathered from recommendations and good old-fashioned searching.

Printables and Other Resource Sites

Good Introduction to Hebrew

Worksheets to practice writing the Hebrew alphabet

Hebrew Alphabet Coloring Pages

Hidden Alphabet Coloring Page

Differentiations between similar Hebrew letters

Hebrew Vowels

Biblical Hebrew Grammar for Beginners (this site seems a bit advanced for now, but might come in handy later)

Sheva Rules (this is also a more advanced document of rules for how to read a certain vowel)

Alef-Bet Songs

These songs are a great, quick intro to the Hebrew alphabet.  We watch these video songs daily.  In the beginning it helped us to get excited about what we’d be studying.  As we listened we started to gain familiarity.  Now as we listen and watch, the order and shapes of the letters are being reinforced.

This one is my favorite aleph-bet song because of its catchy melody and because it has the Hebrew letter along with an English pronunciation. The downside of this video is that it goes really fast for us beginners.

The following one is super-cool because it’s Sesame Street gone Hebrew! It’s called Shalom Sesame. 🙂 (Just for the record, the show is mostly in English, but they highlight the Hebrew language throughout the episodes.) The following song is great – jazzy and fun.  The only downfall is that it doesn’t have any written pronunciations to accompany the Hebrew letters.

A Detailed Overview of Hebrew Alphabet

After we got our initial introduction to the songs above, I came to this videos to get more details and help with pronunciations. It slowly walks through each letter with clear explanations for how to pronounce each letter. It also goes over  all of the vowel notations. The teacher covers a lot of material in 10 minutes, but her explanations are very helpful.  Her explanations combined with the clarity of the sound and the clarity of the letters makes this one I’ll return to again and again. There are other videos in this series that follow this one. I plan to go through all of these.

Hebrew Alphabet Part 1
(Letters Alef through Yod)

Hebrew Alphabet Part 2 (Letters Kaf through Samech, vowel sound “ah”)

Hebrew Alphabet Part 3 (Letters Ayin through Qof, vowel sound “eh,” “ee,” and “ay”)

Beginner Lessons

These are quick, bite-sized lessons that are great for boosting excitement and comprehension.

Here’s a great first, quick lesson in reading with vowel notations. I was so excited when I actually was able to follow along and read words for myself!

And here’s another great lesson.  This one is actually the first in a series of lessons. I plan to go through all of them.

Learning Hebrew – Lesson 2
(Gimmel, Dalet, vowel sound “ah”)

Learning Hebrew – Lesson 3 (Hey, Vav, vowel sound “eh”)

Learning Hebrew – Lesson 4 (Zayin, Chet, vowel sound “eh”)

Learning Hebrew – Lesson 5 (Tet, Yud, vowel sound “oo” as in google)


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