Is the law for me?

On the recommendation of a friend, I just signed up for a free thirty day study of the Hebrew worldview.

This was part of the day four email.  I loved it!

Most Christians believe that the Law has no place in the process of salvation. It is grace alone that brings us into fellowship with the Father…But is that the end of the story? Is there no further obligation on our part once God has gifted us with restoration to His company?…

Am I supposed to follow the Law of God? Of course I am! God redeems me so that I can become part of His great family of those who are devoted to Him. And if I am devoted to Him, I will rejoice in His commands. They are an expression of the character of our Father, an expression that I can imitate. No Christ-follower sees the Law as a means of earning God’s favor, but no Christ-follower sets aside the Law as a means of displaying devotion to the Lord. The Law helps me understand the nature of the God I serve. I keep it because I love Him. It is not a yoke around my neck. It is liberty in my heart.

Is the Law for me? You bet! God asks me to observe it, empowers me to observe it and delights in me when I observe it. Keeping the Law because I am devoted to Him is my way of saying, “Thank You, Father, for rescuing me.”


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