Super-Short, Super-Fun Passover Videos

Passover is just a week away.  This time thousands of years ago, God was turning Egypt inside out in preparation to free His people. These videos are such a fun way to remember the story of the Exodus from Egypt!

Though these videos were done by Jews, Passover is not just for them. God freed ALL of His people – all 12 tribes of Israel plus foreigners who had joined themselves to Israel. If you belong to the Lord today, the celebration of Passover belongs to you!

And what a joyous, rich celebration it is! Passover not only memorializes our ancestors’ physical deliverance from Egypt, but it also memorializes our spiritual deliverance from the world into the kingdom of God.  Just as the Passover lambs were sacrificed so that the children of Israel would not die, so the ultimate Passover lamb died in our place so that we would be spared.  Praise Him!



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