Anson: 5 Years Old

The birthday boy requested white bean cupcakes, which were scrumptious!!!

I almost forgot to do a birthday interview with Anson this year.  :-/ Thankfully, I didn’t neglect to spend the whole week leading up to his birthday reminding him that this would be the last Tuesday night he would ever be four, or the last time he would ever take a bath with his little sister as a four year old, etc. 🙂

Anyway, here is this year’s belated birthday interview:

What is your favorite thing God made? 

A Peregrine falcon

What is your favorite story in the Bible?

“I want the head of John the Baptist” – that one

What is your favorite color?

Blue. Light blue.

What is your favorite animal?

A bald eagle. A Peregrine falcon is my second favorite.

I thought your favorite animal was a cheetah.

Now its a bald eagle, because I like how it looks.  And peregrine falcons can dive down really fast – even faster than cheetahs!

What is your favorite day of the week?

It’s Sabbath!

What is your favorite thing about Madeline?

She’s funny.

Tell me something funny about Madeline.

She sometimes says there’s a frog in the woods.

(Madeline confirms that Steven – from her church class – sometimes says funny things about pink frogs in the woods.)

What is something you love to do with Madeline?

Read. And play Yahtzee.

What is your favorite thing about Kieryn?

She’s funny too.  Really funny.

What’s so funny about her?

Well, she did something funny earlier, but I forgot.

Do you like having two sisters?

Yes, but I want ten brothers.

Wow! That’s a lot of brothers!

Actually, 10 hundred brothers. (Daddy and I are going to have to break it to him at some point that we won’t be able to make this happen…)

Why do you want so many brothers?

Because I only have two sisters.

What is your favorite thing about Daddy?

He’s funny.

Tell me something funny about Daddy.

I don’t know.  (Then Madeline whispers some ideas to him… They still don’t come up with much, though they DO spend a lot of time with daddy laughing…)

What does Daddy do all day?

Works and works all day.

What is your favorite thing about Mommy?

That you’re pretty.

What does Mommy do all day?

I don’t know.  What do you do? (More whispering from Madeline, but again nothing…) Can I tell you what’s my third favorite animal?

Sure, buddy.

Cheetah.  And my fourth favorite animal is a … orka! And my last favorite is the kangaroo because they’re so strong!

How did you learn so much about animals?

From the Wild Kratts, of course. (Yes, of course.  It’s his favorite thing to watch on the tv/computer right now.)

Do you want to do something with animals when you get older?

I want to have a zoo with them so I can see them everyday.  And I’ll try to find animals.  I might even travel to the African savannah to find a cheetah.  Only a cub cheetah, though. Not a grown-up.  The babies go “chirp, chirp” for their moms. And I might even travel to the Australian outback, and I might even travel to the … where do Tigers live?


Okay.  I might even travel to Asia.  I might even travel to Antarctica to get a walrus and a polar bear.  I’m serious.  But I’ll need a cold place to put them.  A really cold place.  Do people really get polar bears and walruses?


REALLY?!   I might even travel to get racoons, lions, black bears, brown bears, and beavers, and deer, and turkeys, and chickens, and cows, and roosters.  (“And goats,” Madeline adds.)  Yeah, and goats!

What is your favorite thing to do with the family?

Go on a date!


To buy stuff like last night.  To go on a looong, long, looooong, long date.  (We spent the day yesterday with Memere doing various shopping.)

What is your favorite toy to play with?

Tigers and lions.

What about Legos?

Yeah, those too.

What is your favorite book?

It’s… (“Goodnight Gorilla?” Madeline suggests) No.  (Tiger Can’t Sleep?)  Yes! Tiger Can’t Sleep!

Are you excited to do school?

Yes.  (Meanwhile, he’s “activating lion powers” and running about the living room saying, “There’s a new lion in town!” Madeline summons him back to finish his interview.)

How old is Mommy?


How old is Daddy?


What did our Savior do?

Died for us.

Do you know why?

No.  (I wait to see if any more comes or whether we have seriously failed to impart this basic truth to him.) Well, because He loves us. (Yes! We don’t fail as parents!)

Is there anything else you’d like to talk about now that you’re 5?

Uh. No.

And so that concludes our birthday interview.

I love this guy!


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