Anson: 6 Years Old

I am posting this just over one month after Anson’s birthday.  But the photo below was taken on his birthday weekend, and the interview itself was done just a couple of weeks after his birthday.  (Just so I don’t seem quite so negligent in my record-keeping. :-P)


So, you’re 6 now, buddy! How do you feel?

Hmm.. I don’t know.

Hm.  That wasn’t very exciting. Tell me about you’re favorite animal.

I like lots of animals, so I don’t have a favorite.

Well, tell me about a few that you like.

Peregrine falcons. Gharial crocodiles.

Gar-i-what? (I had to Google it to get the right spelling.)

Gharial.  It’s a type of crocodile.

Okay, you’re the animal expert.  What other animals do you like?


You recently got a cheetah cub as a pet, right? (An overpriced, but cute, stuffed animal Memere bought him from the zoo. I dare not refer to him as a stuffed animal aloud, or I’ll get a speech about him being a real cheetah cub.) What’s his name?

Chirpster. He’s really fast.

Anson with Chirpster, Lioney, and Bane
Anson with Chirpster, Lioney, and Bane

You also got a couple of other animals for your birthday.  Tell me about them.

George! And Curious George!  They’re twins.  They’re really good swingers. Did I get any other ones on my birthday?

No, I don’t think you got any other animals.

Oh! I didn’t get any more animals, but I got my fire truck.  The Lego fire truck that Memere bought me.

You like doing Legos?

Uh-huh.  It’s fun to build, and it’s fun to fix them if they break. (I’m thankful for this attitude, as Kieryn has proven to be pretty adept at accidently breaking his Lego creations.)

What about the Bible?

I have three favorite kings: Solomon, Saul, and David.  Of course, Kieryn has David as her favorite. (Yes, I’m sure we’ll hit that when we do Kieryn’s belated birthday interview…)

What do you like about those kings?

I don’t really know. Solomon is wise.  That’s one thing.  (Madeline tells Anson that Solomon was wise.  Anson is surprised that Solomon isn’t alive now.  Madeline is incredulous that he’d even think such a thing.)

Is there something you’d like to talk about?

Clicks his tongue.  (Madeline: That helps you think?  Anson: Well, it could help me think.)

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I want to be lots of stuff.  I don’t know which one to pick.

Like what?

A racecar driver, a go-cart driver… (Madeline: Actually, they’re the same thing.  Anson: No, a racecar is bigger and more dangerous than a go-cart.)

Anything else?

Police! After that, a fireman.  I’d like to be that too. I want to be a regular person too. (For some reason, I didn’t ask for clarification on what he meant by this.  Now that I’m going over it, I wish I had…)

What’s your favorite color?

I have two. Blue and green.

Why those two colors?

Well, Chris wears green, and Martin wears blue.

And they are the Kratt brothers, right?

Or you could say the Wild Kratts. They go after animals and help them. And they learn about them. They go on missions.

That show is one of the reasons you know so much about animals, isn’t it?

Well, yeah.

Do you have a favorite Wild Kratts episode?

I’ll tell you my favorite one now, but there might be more episodes coming.


I have lots.  Maybe like ten.  Is that okay?


The first one is… Well, the gray squirrel one. It’s when Martin says that the blue jay helps the squirrel plant the whole forest. But Chris says only the squirrel plants the whole forest.  They didn’t get to see who was right, so they just called it a tie.  My other one is the …

(Madeline and Anson proceed to recount several episodes which leads them to laugh and share all kinds of inside Wild Kratt jokes I’m not privy to. After a minute or two, we try to get back to the interview.  Anson asks me not to type what he’s about to say.  He’s done that several times already so far. He suggests that I ask him about his favorite movie.)

Okay, what’s your favorite movie?

It has to be the Incredibles. Could you put Jack-Jack attack on there too?

Yes, but you know that mom and dad were not a huge fan of the baby turning into strange things, right?

I know, like the monster part.  I know they do make it really funny though.  I just like it.

Do you remember what daddy talked to everyone about after we watched it this weekend? (We spent a while talking about all of the bad examples of behavior we saw in the movie: the dad lying to the mom, the siblings having terrible attitudes with each other, etc.  And we talked about how dangerous it is that the people who make the movie make these bad behaviors seem funny. Even though we own many great, family films, some sneak in here and there that have subtle but dangerous negative influences. We decided we would be taking a break from our weekly movie night. When we resume, we’re going back to the safe, edifying ones we have.)

Yes, mom, I do.  But I just like it.  But it’s not my favorite.

You just said it was your favorite.

Is it okay if that’s my favorite movie?

I suppose, buddy.  But we’re not going to be watching it again any time soon. Why don’t you tell me about school?

My math is easy.

What kind of math stuff are you doing?

(He doesn’t answer right away, so Madeline whispers, “Addition.” Anson is reminded of Fiddler on the Roof, raises his arm, and sings, “TRADITION!” They get distracted again and begin giggling about something. I wish I had a video camera handy to capture them laughing at each other.  It’s such a fun thing to hear. I let them enjoy the moment and take the opportunity to go back and do some editing to this post.  By the time I’m ready to get back on track, Madeline is reading a chapter of Wise Words to Anson.  It’s late anyway, and we all should be going to bed. So, that concludes this year’s birthday interview.)

Before I wrap up, I do want to add that we’ve seen a lot of good fruit from Anson this year.  He has grown tremendously in self-control. He is practicing patience and kindness, especially with his little sister, Kieryn, who wants to do everything with her big siblings but who often gets in the way and slows them down.

He has also grown in his presentation skills.  In the past, he has been too shy to sing songs with other kids or recite passages of scripture.  But the other night when everyone was over bringing in the Sabbath, Anson recited his memory verse of the week (along with the scripture reference):

I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness
but will have the light of life.
– John 8:12

His daddy and I were so proud.



3 thoughts on “Anson: 6 Years Old

  1. GrandeMemere is so proud of you Anson, you really susrprised me with your knowledge of animals when we went to the Zoo this summer! You are growing up to be a very precious, smart and handsome ! I’m looking forward to spending some time with you again around Thanksgiving.

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