Anson: 7 years old

I did the first version of this birthday interview shortly after Anson actually turned seven back in July.  But I was in first-trimester-land and felt pretty lack-luster about how it went.  So, I left it in hopes that I’d get back to it to add in some more fun details.  It took until now, but we finally finished it up satisfactorily.


So, Anson, tell me how it feels to be seven now.

AWESOME!  And Simeon is copying me.  I’m glad that you’re having a new baby.

Okay, random-fish.  Tell me a bit about your seven-year-old self.  What kind of things do you like?

Toy cars, Legos, and airplanes.  And I like car washes and balloons.  I got a balloon and a car wash for my birthday! I like states and countries too!  Maps… Hmm… What else?

How did you discover that you liked states and maps and stuff?

Well, a long time ago we did state worksheets for school. (We recently finished a year of American History/Geography.  Towards the end, he got hooked.)

What is your favorite state and why?


Tennessee?! I thought it was Alaska! 

Hmm..  I changed my mind.  My second is Alaska. (This boy was hooked on Alaska for weeks! He built paper versions of Alaska covered with cotton balls.  When he and Madeline made dessert for Shabbat, he lobbied to create an Alaska cake with whipped cream on top.  He even had plans to move to Alaska as an adult.  I’m actually glad to hear he’s lost some of that Alaska fervor.  It was just a few years ago that he promised me he’d live across the street from me when he grew up so that he could see me everyday.  With Tennessee as his favorite state, I can re-kindle that dream.)

So, then is geography your favorite subject in school?


Tell me a bit about how the rest of school is going for you.

I don’t really like it.


Because I like being outside and playing. Having to do math isn’t really fun.  But state worksheets are my favorite.  I like stuff like art.

Now you’re reading much better. That’s pretty fun, right?

It’s good that I’m reading better, and it’s fun reading when I have books like dog books or any animal books.

You’re still a big animal fan, aren’t you?

Yes I am! I really like animals.  That’s why I like to watch Wild Kratts.  They teach me about animals, and dad does too.

What’s your favorite animal now?

(Slaps his head and grimaces.) I don’t have one.


I like every animal! It’s hard to pick one that I like the best.  I have a different favorite animal every day. (Kieryn asks, “Well, what’s your favorite animal today?”) Cheetah.  (That’s been his long-time favorite.)

Mom, how about you ask me what’s my favorite color or favorite movie?

Okay, what’s your favorite color?

Well, it’s the same as my favorite animal.  It’s different every day.

Well, what about today?


What about your favorite movie?


What about your favorite meal?

Probably chicken salad sandwiches with apple juice.  (When I first asked this question to him back in July he said, “Pancakes.  Probably pancakes.”)

What about your favorite day of the week?

Definitely the seventh day.

What about your favorite Bible story?

The one where David fought Goliath.  My second favorite is the story of creation.

What’s your favorite story about Yeshua?

Well, the story of creation is about Yeshua. (He makes a great point. But I’m interested in how he’ll clarify that.)

How is it about Yeshua?

Because Yahweh made the heavens and the earth. (He goes on to quote the rest of Genesis 1:1 then says…)  It’s all about Yeshua.  (Well, it’s not very specific, but I still agree.)

Okay, so what do you want to be when you grow up?

Can it be something that I made up?


I want to be a vet.  (Back in July he said, “Somebody who drives and looks out for animals. Not wild animals.  Lost pets.”)

Okay. What else, monkey?

I’m not really a monkey.

Yes, I’m aware of that fact. But you’re our family monkey.

No, I’m not. I am a crocodile!

Hmm…Why a crocodile?

I’m trying to think… Because I like crocodiles! (Madeline says that’s not a very solid answer.  Anson gives a frustrated sigh in response.)

Since we’re quite a bit behind with the birthday interviews this year, we’re going to go ahead and close this one out now.  We’re so happy to have this boy in our family.  You are maturing in great ways.  We love you, Anson!


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