Kieryn: 4 years old

Again, I am quite late getting this interview done.  I guess two and a half months late isn’t the end of the world.  She’s roughly the same girl now that she was on her actual birthday. 😛


So, how does it feel to be a 4 year old girl?

Like how I was three.

But you’re older now.  And taller, too.

And taller?  Well, I was tall when I was three.

But not as tall as you are now.

Yeah.  Can you do a birthday interview with some breakfast?

What do you mean? It’s almost dinner time.

(She puts on her whiny face and voice.  Madeline looks at her and chuckles, which causes Kieryn to declare angrily, “I’m SERIOUS!”  Then her baby brother comes over to reclaim his sock, which Kieryn had been playing with.  Kieryn then begins calling him “Socky-pants” and laughing.  I guess that little attitude-time is over.  We’ll just forget about the breakfast thing and try to move on.)

So, Kieryn, what are some of your favorite things?

What things, mom?

I don’t know, like what is your favorite thing to eat?

Um, waffles.  Now what?

What else do you like to eat?

Broccoli and ranch.  Pasta. Um, donuts, ice cream, and chocolate chips.  (There are real answers I was looking for.  This girl is a sugar-queen.  Thankfully for her health, we make only healthy treats, and those only on weekends.)

What is your favorite color?

Purple, yellow, and pink.

What is your favorite movie?

Turbo.  (She takes a quick bathroom break.  Now she’s ready to continue.)

What is your favorite thing God made?

Hmm.  Snow!


Yes, snow! You can make snow-castles. You can make bears, and snowmen.  You can pretend you’re making God and a person.  You can make everything!  You can draw a new baby, Madeline, and me.  Or a house.  Now what?

What is your favorite animal?

Animal? (She pauses to think…) The fastest animal in the world is (she pauses for effect)…. a…. cheetah.  (Madeline corrects her by saying that’s the fastest land animal.  The fastest animal is probably a peregrine falcon.  Kieryn is sticking with the cheetah, though.)

What is your favorite day of the week?


Why Wednesday?

A’cuz it can snow or something.  Or Aidan and Adeline can come or something.  Or the baby can come out or something.  (Interesting line of thinking…)

What is your favorite book?

The Dora book I use for school when Madeline does school with me.

Okay, well, what’s your favorite thing about Daddy?

Him working here. And playing with us.

What’s your favorite thing about Mommy?

Having a new baby.

What do you think this baby is going to be – a boy or a girl?

A girl.

Will you be sad if you have another brother?

No, then Simeon and the other baby can be twins.  (“Well, you have some big plans there,” says Madeline.)

What is your favorite thing about Madeline?

Giving me things.  (“Hey!” Madeline protests.)  Sorry, she already typed that. (She is such a spunky little girl.)

What is your favorite thing about Anson?

Sometimes he gives me things when he used to be a girl.  I’m joking!

So what’s something you like to do with Anson?

Play with him.

What kind of things do you like to play with your siblings?

Tag, Hide and Seek, I Spy.

What is your favorite thing about Simeon?

Playing with me.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A mom.  (So sweet!)

Who is Yeshua?


What did he do for us when he was a man?

Die on the cross.

Why did he die on a cross?  Was he bad?

No, he just had to. (“He didn’t have to, Kieryn,” Madeline quickly corrects.  “He just chose to.”)

So, he chose to die to bear the punishment for our sins, right?

Yeah.  Can I go outside and play now?

Sure, baby.

And that concludes this girl’s first birthday interview.  She is a fun one to get to know, though her moods can change rather quickly.  We’re learning how to guide her through all that, which means we’re growing in the process too.  We love you, sweet girl!


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