Madeline: 9 years old


Phew! You have only one more year until you are into the double-digits! That makes me feel a bit old.  How does it make you feel?

Well, older than I was when I was five. And six. And seven.

True. Do you like being nine so far?

Yes! I didn’t discover that 10 was actually double-digits until I was almost nine. So, that’s kinda funny.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Okay! Um… I like horses… (Thinking silently…) Uh, when I need thoughts I can never get thoughts!  (She returns to thinking.)  I like to play with my siblings.  And we have a new baby coming.  This time, this baby is going to be half my baby.

Explain that “half my baby” thing.

Oh, okay.  Well, it started when I wanted a baby, but I was a little bit tired of pretending my baby dolls were babies.  So I figured that when you have a baby I can help take care of it a lot.  Memere said that she was kinda like a mom to Uncle Jimmy.  And Miss Myrna said that her big sister took care of her when she was a baby.

So, will you help me change stinky diapers and wake up to feed the baby in the middle of the night?

Yes! Most of the nights, anyway.  Some nights I’ll be tired.  But most of the nights I’ll help.  I need to practice for when I’m actually a mommy with my very-very own children.  Now that I think of it, I’ll never have my very-very own children, because I need a husband to have children, so they’ll be his too.  This baby will be yours, Daddy’s, and mine.  And my baby in the future will be mine and my husband’s.  So I’ll never have my very own baby.  It’ll still be mostly – like half – my baby.

Well, I can tell you from experience that sharing a baby with a husband is the best. It’s nothing to be sad about.

That’s good.  I didn’t say I was sad.  Just that I’ll never really have my very own baby.  So, now I really won’t worry about it at all.

Good call. Now tell me about things you enjoy doing.

I like riding bikes, and hanging out with Adeline, and going horseback riding, and camping.  I like it most times when I go to Memere and Grandpa’s congregation.  And I like jumping on the trampoline sometimes.  I like sleeping most times. I can’t think of other things.

What about cooking?

Oh, I love cooking! I totally forgot that!  (She is quite an able baker.  I enjoy being able to give her a recipe and letting her take care of the rest.  While she’s working on a recipe, she loves to pretend she’s on a cooking show. At some point, we’ll have to get some of that on video.) Wasn’t Kieryn cute when she was young?

Yes, random-girl.  (Apparently, she was looking at a picture behind me, so that wasn’t quite as random as I thought.)

Well, this is a birthday interview, so there are lots of random questions anyway.

Okay, so tell me a bit about school.

Oh, here comes the hard part.

Hard part?!

Yes.  We haven’t been doing school much lately.  (It’s true.  We’ve had the past three weeks off for Sukkot prep, Sukkot, and then Sukkot recovery.) But last time I liked writing and art.  I like reading Adam and His Kin, and doing special assignments that are fun.  I wish we did science though.  (Yeah, I need to work that subject in officially.  I’ve been counting random animal studies – like Wild Kratts – as science.)

Tell me some things you’ve been enjoying from your Bible reading lately.

Xander’s mom made up this game called Three Spies.

(I interrupt.) Does this have anything to do with Bible?


Okay, continue.

It’s about Rahab and the spies.  But were there two spies or three?

I thought maybe two.  But did she call it Three Spies or Two?

Three.  Anyway, you follow the Bible basically to play.  We used Legos – like a red Lego as the scarlet thread at the door of the Lodge.  We didn’t actually play it, but I think that’s what it was about.

Okay, so is that your favorite Bible story?

Well, not exactly.  It’s one of them.  I really like the one with David and Bathsheba, because he learned… It was kind of sad, but um… David learned something when he shouldn’t have committed adultery with Bathsheba.  The kind of good part was when they had a baby.  But I think the baby died, right?

The first baby did, but they ended up having…

Solomon (She answers with me)

Tell me about the prayer time you had with Daddy the other night.

Well, it started with Daddy praying for me for my dreams and stuff.  But my eye was hurting like when you get an eyelash in it. I kept pulling gently on my eyelashes to see if there were any loose ones, but it still kept hurting.  So, I told Daddy at the end of his prayer, and he prayed for me again.  This time, for my eye.  He prayed that God would heal my eye and give me more faith when He did heal it.  Towards the end of his prayer, my eye just stopped hurting. I told him afterwards, and he said, “That’s the kind of faith I’m talking about!”  We said goodnight, and then I fell asleep, I think.  That was probably the most recent miraculous thing that’s happened to me.

We get caught up in a conversation about the physical and spiritual parallels in life.  It was too involved to catch it all on here.  But I love being able to have adult-like conversations with this little girl.  She’s pretty cool!  When we finish, both of us are kind of worn out with the birthday interviews. But we’ll try to do them on time next year so that they’re spaced out a bit better. 🙂


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