Anson: 10 years old

Anson bw crop ii wm

So, you’re 10 now.  Double digits!  And you’re officially off the growth chart! Tell me some of the things you enjoy doing.

Playing legos, cars, soccer, basketball.

You played soccer on a team for the first time this spring.  And you were good! Talk to me about your soccer season.

I dribbled through a bunch of players in my first game. In my second game, I scored my first goal. In my third game, I scored three goals, but one was off-sides. (Erich and I were definitely proud of how adept he was on the field.)

And then you ended up winning the juggling contest your team had. And you thought you would fail.

Yes, I thought I was going to fail.

But then I walked up after grabbing some groceries that we needed and saw you with a big box. You won a mini goal!

That was pretty exciting. I tied 3 to 3 with Jose.  So, we had to do a tie breaker.  That’s when Jose got 2 and I got 3.

I am excited to play again in the fall.

When I get older, I’d like to play basketball.  I’m too short right now, but once I get taller and I get better at dribbling, I’d like to play.

Tell me about other things you like to do.

I like to build with legos freehand.

You mean make up your own designs, right?

Yes, like the time I made that car with doors that lift up.  And I made a Lamborghini.

You’ve been into cars lately, huh?

Yes, I have.  The Bugatti Chiron is the fastest car ever. Well, the fastest production car, that is. The seventh fastest car is the Bentley Continental.  It hits 209 miles an hour! And Bentleys are supposed to be luxury cars!

So, how fast is the Chiron?

Zero to sixty or top speed?

Top speed, I guess.

261 miles an hour!

So, do you have a plan for the first car you’d like to drive in six years?

I do! Except dad would never let me drive this as my first car: an Acura NSX.

Why wouldn’t he let you drive that?

Because it goes 162 miles an hour.  But that’s as of 2004.  Imagine how fast they’d go now! I bet they could hit 200 miles an hour.

Yes, I guess Dad would have good reason to keep you away from that one at the start.

The real one I’d like to get, that Dad would let me get, is a Honda Civic.  Those cars probably only hit 140-150.  Not very fast for a car like that.

But fast enough to get into a whole lot of trouble still!

What do you expect me to get? One with a governor on it that will only go 90 miles an hour?!  Actually you could put a governor on it that only let it go 5 miles an hour.

I like this governor idea!

I hate it! I like the turbo charger! That’s amazing!  If you get a 12 cylinder it could make your car go 50 miles per hour faster, probably.

Okay, so let’s transition away from cars now.

Aww… (He could talk for daaays about cars.)

Tell me about school.

It’s been hard. Science is my favorite, by far! We’re starting to study swimming animals.  I don’t like to learn about bones of the body, like the scapula.  Bones, bones.  Stinkin’ bones.

What kinds of books have you been reading from the library?

Tell I Survive series, which tells how people survive things that really happened like the San Francisco earthquake or the Japanese tsunami.

Tell me about your new sleeping arrangements.

Memere and Grandmemere bought us a brand new bunk bed. There’s a twin on top and a full on the bottom.  I get the big bed!

So, we’re about ready to have our new baby, Zephaniah.  How do you feel about that?

I’m excited! I bet he’s going to come really early, because we’ve all been early.

And once he comes, we’ll be even – three girls, three boys.

Ha HA! (He’ shouts triumphantly.)  And we’ll actually win, because we also have Hank!

And with that, our interview concludes.  Anson has grown so much over this last year – in self-control, gentleness, joy.  He’s gone through some major spiritual growth.  We all have. We are very proud of the young man he is becoming.


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