About MeOur family a few months back

I am a follower of the Living God, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and of the Word-made flesh, Yeshua (Jesus).

I am a student of the Word, a wife, and a mother.

I like having things clean and orderly, though with four children and a Great Dane it’s often not so.

I love lists – especially ones with lots of check marks beside the completed items.

I enjoy cooking – especially when I’m making a new recipe for the first time.

I like gardening, but have yet to master weeding.

I like composting, but have yet to balance the greens with the browns to actually make that  “gardener’s gold” I hear so much about.

I use home-made cleaners around the house (usually just vinegar or  baking soda) and buy organic whenever possible.

I have an interest in health and natural medicine.

I love clean, modern interiors, but would love to have enough land one day to have a couple dozen chickens, lots of fruit trees and berry bushes, and maybe even a goat or two.  (I have no idea what I’d do with a goat, but it seems like a fun idea. )

I don’t make decisions in a hurry.  In fact, in many cases, I’d rather make no decision than one I might possibly regret later.  That’s why my house remained mostly devoid of furniture and the walls remained completely white for the first 6 years of my marriage.

Completely contrary to this overly cautious side of me, is this tendency to speak without thinking. (Quite the juxtaposition, I Family July 2013know!)

I have a tall, dark, and handsome husband, Erich, with whom I have shared over a decade of marriage. We now have four precious (and precocious!) children: Madeline, Anson, Kieryn, and Simeon.

We are tremendously blessed to be a part of an incredible body of believers. God has poured out more grace on us through this body than we can catalog.

Like everyone else, our lives are busy.  But I want to be able to look back on these jam-packed young family years without lamenting that I had stewarded my gifts poorly.

I want my future anniversaries to be accompanied by positive evaluations of my progress as a wife, not: Grew some, but overall failed to enjoy my husband and neglected to follow and support his leadership with joy.

I want to sit with my children 10 years from now and feel confident that I mothered them well, not: I spent all their lives in disarray, squandering those fleeting, precious moments I had.

Most of all, I want to hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant” when my Savior returns.  I want to know Him and be transformed through that knowing.  I want to serve as salt and light to my neighbors so that they might know Him in this way too.

I want to care for our precious gift of health so that my family can serve the Lord with all of our might.

I want to drink deeply of the gospel and overflow with joy and good fruit. I want my life to be lived intentionally.  I want to enjoy all of the amazing gifts God has given me.  And I want to steward them well.

I know that my good intentions will fall flat if I’m left to my own strength to carry them through.  But I have access to strength that goes far beyond my own and grace that far exceeds my sin. Praise God!

About This Blog

This blog was birthed out of a desire to better steward the many areas over which God has granted me dominion – as a student of the Word, a proclaimer of the Word, wife, mother, homeschool teacher, nutritionist, chef, doctor, purchasing director, and domestic engineer.

This blog is a place for me to catalog my family’s favorite recipes, collect all of the tidbits of wisdom I find in my various readings, work out my thoughts , and share them with any of you who are interested in what I’ve found along the way.

I am no expert.  Nor have I arrived as a master of anything yet. So please forgive me if over-emphasize something or neglect something else.  As the Spirit  saturates my mind and heart with more truth, my understanding of the Word is constantly being tweaked and clarified.  The Father uses others to help do this tweaking and clarifying work.  So please, offer insights, ask questions, or share concerns if you have them. I am blessed by all who walk alongside me to sharpen, challenge, and encourage me. I appreciate your grace and am glad to have  you join me in this journey!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Hopefully we can visit y’all sometime soon since my brother is back in Nashville! Not too far of a drive! We miss you!

  2. I hope you’re published some day too. I would buy about a thousand copies and given them to anyone who will take them.

    For some reason, I’m just now reading this About page … hmmm!

  3. I just came across your blog while searching for Hebrew letter worksheets for kids! What a find! I began reading some of your posts and began to feel like you were a long lost soul sista (we even have the same name)! Although my husband and I have been on a journey through Scripture and Hebrew Roots for about 12 years we have only just begun keeping the feasts. Thank you for sharing your journey and your great studies. “and they (Bereans) gladly heard the word from them daily, and searched the Scriptures whether these things were so.” Praise Yahweh

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