Pregnant Women and the H1N1 Vaccine

Last time I addressed the topic of vaccines it was to make sure we were all clear that vaccinations are not a matter of salvation.  If you missed that post, please read it here.

But I also gave my main reason for continuing a discussion about it, namely because we should be seekers of the truth.  Scripture tells us to “test everything; hold fast to what is good.  Abstain from every form of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

To this end, I have a few more pieces of news to share specifically with my precious, pregnant friends.  With the fear-mongering going on in the government and media, and with so many pregnant friends who are still trying to determine what they should do, I feel obligated to share this information. Especially in light of the recently reported miscarriages.

So, here’s some critical information for your consideration.  If nothing else, please view the six minute video below to hear dozens of medical professionals voice their concerns about the vaccine.

Our media and government are targeting pregnant women.

We are being inundating with stories of the danger this virus poses to pregnant women. We are told daily that young, healthy people are dying.  The truth is that 73% of hospitalized H1N1 patients have underlying health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other immune suppressive diseases.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer says, “The Minister of Fear (the CDC) was working overtime peddling doom and gloom, knowing that frightened people do not make rational decisions — nothing sells vaccines like panic.”

Which is worse: H1N1 or the Vaccine?

This is the big question. Is the risk from this virus significant enough to justify mass vaccinations with a vaccine that is essentially experimental, poorly tested, and of questionable benefit?

The H1N1 virus is quite mild even for pregnant women.

According to Dr. Michael Bronze, chair of Internal Medicine at University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, 0.32 per 100,000 pregnant women (or about 1 in 300,000 pregnant women) were hospitalized because of the H1N1 flu or something that presented like H1N1.

(It’s important to note that even these small numbers aren’t limited to confirmed H1N1 cases.  The CDC’s H1N1 numbers include any confirmed or probable flu cases along with any confirmed or probable pneumonia cases.  For more information on this shady counting system, see National H1N1 Health Emergency???)

The vast majority of people who get H1N1 have a brief and mild illness. Based on the Australian/New Zealand experience (at the peak of their flu season, which has already passed) and the American data somewhere in the middle of our flu season, pregnant women have about a 99.97% chance they will not become so sick as to require hospital care at any level.

Zero studies to prove safety

There have been no studies to prove safety of the H1N1 vaccines in pregnant women. Even the vaccine inserts themselves say so.  Simply follow the links and do a search for the word “pregnant” to find these statements yourself.

MedImmune (intranasal spray)
CSL Biotherapies, Inc.

All of them say either word-for-word or very closely word-for-word:

  • “Safety and effectiveness of [this] vaccine have not been studied in pregnant women or nursing mothers.”
  • “Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with [this] vaccine. It is not known whether [this] vaccine can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity.”
  • “[This] vaccine should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.”
  • “It is not known whether [this] vaccine is excreted in human milk. Because many drugs are excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when [this] vaccine is administered to a nursing woman.”

The studies that have been done show serious risks.

Perhaps even more concerning than the admission that no one has studied the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines in humans, is that studies that have been done on pregnant animals with non-H1N1 vaccines show that a single vaccine produces damage in the offspring’s brain exactly like autism and schizophrenia.

In this article, Dr. Blaylock refers to compelling research that shows that stimulating a pregnant mom’s immune system during mid-term and later term pregnancy:

  • Significantly increases the risk that her baby will develop autism during childhood and schizophrenia sometime during the teenage years and afterward.
  • Increases the baby’s risk of having a seizure both as a baby and as an adult
  • Can trigger preclampsia in the mother
  • Can trigger hypertension when the baby becomes an adult.

(See also Dr. Blaylock’s article entitled, Vaccines, Neurodevelopment and Autism Sectrum Disorders or listen to the interview linked at the very bottom of this article.)

Vaccinating pregnant women has gone seriously wrong in the recent past.

Gardasil vaccine was recommended to pregnant women, but was immediately pulled once women began losing their babies or delivering malformed babies.  Now they are careful to say, “the vaccine is not recommended for use in women known to be pregnant.”  But it’s a little late for all those women who lost their healthy babies.

1% vs 100% chance

Yes, a serious flu infection during pregnancy can cause damage to the baby because of the immune system stimulation it would cause in you. But Dr. Blaylock warns that getting the vaccination will guarantee immune system stimulation.

So, we’re talking less than 1% chance that you’d get a serious case of H1N1 and have serious immune system stimulation vs 100% chance that you will have serious immune system stimulation because of the vaccine.

Vaccine manufacturers have legal immunity

If you or your baby are injured by a vaccine, you have no access to the legal system.  According to the Public Readiness and Emergency Act (the PREP act), unless you can provide evidence of willful misconduct AND you get permission from the DHHS Secretary, you can’t sue to receive compensation or justice.  The manufacturers are completely shielded from liability.  This also means that they have no incentive to test their vaccines for safety.  After all, if they test and find that something is dangerous, they have to start all over again.  So, you take the vaccines completely at your own risk.

Reported Miscarriages

To me, this is the most compelling reason to avoid the H1N1 vaccine if you’re pregnant.  Here are just a couple of the first-hand reports from a June 2010 birth club.


I am so upset. I was so excited to be pregnant after trying for a year. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I joined this birth club and I was due June 25th. We have two healthy boys with no history of miscarriage. Everything was going great. Last Monday, I got the H1N1 vaccine thimerosal reduced (mercury reduced for pregnant women). On Tuesday morning, I started cramping and on Wednesday I started bleeding heavily. My hcg was 50 on Wednesday and I was almost 6 weeks along so it was low. They still thought that I might be pregnant but on Friday my hcg was down to 22. I am an emotional wreck. I feel like I had a healthy baby and I caused this by getting the H1N1 vaccine. My doctors pushed it. I researched online and there have been many miscarriages after the H1N1 vaccine but they haven’t been reported since it is hard to say what caused the miscarriages. I hope that I did not cause this. I wish everyone the best.


I don’t have an answer for you, but a friend of a friend just had a miscarriage 2-3 days after getting the shot. She was 7weeks. She had no previous history of m/c… No one can answer if they’re related…it hasn’t been out long enough and there haven’t been any studies done on pregnant women. I will tell you, that it has made up my mind on getting it…I won’t and I’m not going to get it for my DD either. My daughter and I both had H1N1 last week, and although it truly sucks…I think I’ll take my chances. One doctor will tell you to get it and the next will tell you not too…you have to do what’s in your heart.


my heart goes out to you as i recently miscarried as well and was due in june. i had a healthy heart beat at 6wks. then at 7.5 wks my son got the h1n1 mist vaccine which has live vaccine in it. the nurse said to be careful b/c it could technically spread if he rubbed his nose and touched a surface etc. the next night i miscarried and 5 days later was diagnosed with h1n1. i work from home, kids are home, hadnt been anywhere during that time. so the chances that it is all related are very high. the flu mist vaccine warns for immunocompromised patients (which includes prego) to stay away from recipients of the flu mist for 21 days.

You can read the full story along with many, many more first-hand reports of miscarriages here.

What Experts Are Saying

Suspicion about the H1N1 vaccines isn’t coming only from moms who have recently lost their babies and a single neurosurgeon who has dedicated his retirement years to studying these things more in-depth.  Here is what some other well-respected professionals are also saying.

Dr. Bob Sears, a board-certified pediatrician trained at Georgetown University School of medicine and co-author in the Sears Parenting Library, says:

As a doctor, we swear an oath to “First, do no harm.” So I have a hard time recommending a treatment that doesn’t show it causes no harm. It’s not just the H1N1 vaccine that’s not been tested. The regular flu vaccine has not been tested in pregnant women, either, to show that it’s safe in babies. That kind of boggles my mind, because the regular flu vaccine has been around for years, and there have been plenty of opportunities for the companies to do some safety testing on them so pregnant women can feel more comfortable about them.

Dr. Larry Palevsky, a board-certified pediatrician trained at the New York School of Medicine says:

When I went through medical school, I was taught that vaccines were completely safe and completely effective, and I had no reason to believe otherwise. All the information that I was taught was pretty standard in all the medical schools and the teachings and scientific literature throughout the country. I had no reason to disbelieve it.

Over the years, I kept practicing medicine and using vaccines and thinking that my approach to vaccines was completely onboard with everything else I was taught.

But more and more, I kept seeing that my experience of the world, my experience in using and reading about vaccines, and hearing what parents were saying about vaccines were very different from what I was taught in medical school and my residency training.

… It didn’t appear that the scientific studies that we were given were actually appropriately designed to prove and test the safety and efficacy. It also came to my attention that there were ingredients in there that were not properly tested, that the comparison groups were not appropriately set up, and that conclusions made about vaccine safety and efficacy just did not fit the scientific standards that I was trained to uphold in my medical school training.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician, board-certified in family medicine and NY Times best-selling author, says:

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m not anti-vaccines, but rather pro vaccine-safety. That means, I strongly believe that we should only inject substances into our bodies, and especially into the bodies of infants and the unborn, that have been rigorously studied and proven safe both short-term and long-term.

As it stands now, we’ve spent decades injecting materials into the bodies of young and old alike, without sufficient amounts of safety testing of the ingredients, and our society is showing the signs of this neglect.

Neurological dysfunction and disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s have been growing steadily and show no signs of slowing down.

More resources about vaccines and pregnancy

My hopes

(This comes straight from my Cross-Centered Discussion of Vaccines? post I mentioned at the start of this post.  I thought it would be good to re-print after sharing all of this information.)

I hope that my communication on this topic informs you.

If you’re a wife, I hope you bring everything to your husband and ultimately rest in his leadership.

I hope that those of you who disagree with me never feel condemned or judged by me.

I hope that you will engage with me in this topic.  If you disagree, I’d love to hear why.  I am SO grateful for those willing to engage in debate, not just on this issue but on any!  There are certainly things I haven’t thought of, studies that I am not aware of, and sources I don’t know about that would be beneficial for consideration.  I am not seeking to be right.  I am seeking the truth.


A Cross-Centered Discussion of Vaccines?

I’ve made several posts on the topic of vaccines recently in light of the current H1N1 issue.

Maybe I’m imagining it, but I think I may have offended some people with my opinions.  It occurred to me that people who previously were unaware of my thoughts on the matter, now have full access to those thoughts.  And often those thoughts have been presented mid-stream without a proper introduction and without all of the disclaimers that perhaps need to be repeated (or at least referenced) in every post.

Regardless of whether its real or imagined, I wanted to say a few things before I proceed with any other posts on this very sensitive and highly controversial topic.

Last week

I avoided posting any comments related to vaccines last week in order to examine myself and God’s word before proceeding further. My desire is to have cross-centered discussions of everything – including vaccines.

During this break, I re-read one of the basics: The Cross-Centered Life by CJ Mahaney.  And I wanted to share my week’s worth of thoughts with you.

One Transcendent Truth

CJ says:

The Bible tells us that, while there are many different callings and many possible areas of service in the kingdom of God, one transcendent truth should define our lives.  One simple truth should motivate our work and affect every part of who we are. Christ died for our sins.

One Goal, Varying Expressions

Like most of you, I have a passion to display Christ’s worth with all of my might.

Because we are finite creatures representing an infinite God, this passion will be expressed in varying ways in each of us.  Some of us have a particular passion for stewarding money for the glory of God.  Some have an interest in using video production for the glory of God.   Others have interests in creating music for the glory of God, or preventing abortion for the glory of God, or church planting for the glory of God, or practicing law for the glory of God.

One of my main interests is stewarding our gift of health for the glory of God.

Most of us will agree that each of these are important areas for God’s glory to be displayed.  In some of the areas we may not have any particular opinion about the best way to glorify Him.  In other areas we will.  And we’re likely to encounter people with different opinions – maybe even drastically different opinions.

This is okay, because ultimately one truth should unify us:  Christ lived the perfect life we have failed to live and bore the wrath we deserved to bear.

Vaccinations are not a matter of salvation.

I want to be clear on this.  Regardless of how emphatically I may comment on the issue of vaccinations, I am clear (and I hope you are too), that this is not a matter of salvation.

Those of us who believe that vaccines are more dangerous to our health than the diseases from which they protect us, are no more righteous than those those who believe otherwise. Parents who vaccinate are doing what they understand to be best for their families.

Those of us who believe vaccines are more beneficial for our health than they are dangerous, are no more righteous than those who believe otherwise. Parents who don’t vaccinate are doing what they understand to be best for their families.

My view of you

I hope that every parent who has chosen to vaccinate their children knows that I in no way condemn you for your decision.

Your view of me

I hope that you do not view me as a nut-job, faithless, fringe lunatic. Some who choose not to vaccinate may very well be a little loony.  But most of us are not.  In fact, there are quite a few well-educated, well-grounded, faith-filled people (including many medical professionals) who see some major flaws with vaccinations and choose to avoid them.

So, why discuss it?

We’ve established that our opinions on the matter do not affect our salvation and that we need to be gracious with one another.  Sooo. . . there’s nothing left to discuss, right?

For some, that might be it.  You may have read this post and it may be the last you care to read.  You may have no interest in delving further into the topic of vaccines (or homeschooling, or toxic-free, homemade cleaning products, or composting or any of the other hippie-turned-Christian stewardship issues I discuss here). And that’s okay with me.  As I said before, we all have different interests.  Not everyone is excited about the things I’m excited about.  People can bring glory to God without composting or using vinegar to clean their counters. They can even bring glory to God with a complete vaccination record.  😉

But I do think that because “love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth,” we should be seekers of the truth. To this end, Erich and I think it’s good and right to pass along pertinent information on the topic when interest and time permit.

My hopes

I hope that my communication on this topic will inform you.

If you’re a wife, I hope you bring everything to your husband and ultimately rest in his leadership.

I hope that those of you who disagree with me never feel condemned or judged by me.

I hope that you will engage with me in this topic.  If you disagree, I’d love to hear why.  I am SO grateful for those willing to engage in debate, not just on this issue but on any!  There are certainly things I haven’t thought of, studies that I am not aware of, and sources I don’t know about that would be beneficial for consideration.  I am not seeking to be right.  I am seeking the truth.

Ultimately, I hope this is always a cross-centered blog

I am learning how to walk out my God-given interest in health in a way that glorifies Him. Though I’ve been blessed with abundant examples of how to be a cross-centered parent, a cross-centered worshipper, and a cross-centered steward of finances, I have had very few examples of how to be a cross-centered steward of my health.  I feel as though I’m wading in uncharted waters.

On top of that, I am sinful.  Stained through and through.  I face the temptation to legalism all the time.  I am self-righteous and quick to speak.  I am often tempted to allow issues of health displace the gospel from its rightful place at the very center of my life.

By God’s grace, I am ever-growing in my awareness of my sin, which leads me to be more desperate for His grace.  I am thankful for the Holy Spirit’s activity in my life and for a husband who has not grown weary from leading me and who is reviewing my posts before they go live. Still, we’re bound to miss things here and there.

So, please forgive me if I over-emphasize something or neglect something else.  I appreciate your grace and am glad to have  you join me in this journey!

National H1N1 Health Emergency???

On Friday, October 23rd, President Obama officially declared the H1N1 virus to be a National Emergency, stating that 1,000 people have already died from it.  He said that the rapid increase of illness might overburden healthcare resources and that certain federal requirements might now be waived.

A Scary Predicament

So, we’ve got:

Suspended federal requirements in order to speed up treatment
Emergency operations plans
Widespread H1N1 activity in all but 4 states
One thousand deaths
Shortages of vaccines. . .

Sounds serious, doesn’t it?

Not when you understand this crucial fact:

They are Using New Math

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has not been tracking H1N1 virus activity since August 30th.

Yes, you read that right!  The government confesses on its own website that it stopped confirming the cases of hospitalizations and deaths from H1N1. The CDC now reports all laboratory-confirmed influenza AND pneumonia/influenza cases identified by symptoms, not laboratory results.

There is now absolutely no differentiation between regular flu, H1N1, and pneumonia in their numbers.

You can read it for yourself here. But here are a couple of direct quotes from their site for those not interested in wading through the whole thing. (Emphasis is all mine):

This season, CDC and states will continue surveillance for flu-related hospitalizations and deaths, but the system has been modified to combine all influenza and pneumonia-associated hospitalizations and deaths and not just those due to 2009 H1N1. This is a new system in place effective August 30, 2009.

And again:

The new definitions allow states to report to CDC hospitalizations and deaths (either confirmed OR probable) resulting from all types of influenza, not just those from 2009 H1N1 flu.


Due to CDC’s new case definitions, there will be no definitive way to differentiate between hospitalizations and deaths due to seasonal influenza versus those due to 2009 H1N1 influenza from aggregate reporting.

And some deaths that are not due to influenza specifically will be included.

The reported numbers for the first week of data using the new case definitions are higher than the average weekly numbers that were being posted for 2009 H1N1 counts because what is being counted is different and how it is being counted is different.

And finally:

Influenza and pneumonia syndrome hospitalizations and deaths may be an overestimate of actual number of flu-related hospitalizations and deaths because that diagnostic category includes other illnesses.

Summary of the New Numbers

To be sure we’re all on the same page, these new hospitalization and death numbers include:

  • Anyone who is hospitalized because of, or dies from, pneumonia or “pneumonia-like” symptoms.  This is not limited to actual, lab-reported, verified pneumonia.  It can include presumed or suspected cases of pneumonia.
  • Anyone who is hospitalized because of, or dies from, “influenza-like” symptoms. This is not limited to actual, lab-reported, verified influenza.  This can include anyone with symptoms similar to influenza but not related to influenza at all, like colds and upper respiratory infections.

So, the new numbers are inflated.  They include both laboratory confirmed and syndromic cases.  (Syndromic cases are those identified by symptoms only.)

YET, the media, medical establishments, and now our president, are quoting these new numbers to cite the massive proliferation of  H1N1.

Why the Switch?

The CDC started out reporting confirmed and probable H1N1 flu cases during the beginning of the H1N1 “outbreak.” (Please note that their own website confesses that all of the preliminary H1N1 data was not confirmed, but included “probable cases” too. More on this later in the week.)

But they decided to switch over to this new system because, (and I quote)

Only a small proportion of persons with respiratory illness are actually tested and confirmed for influenza (including 2009 H1N1) so the true benefit of keeping track of these numbers is questionable.

What this says to me is:  There aren’t enough documented cases of H1N1 for us to continue to make such a big deal about it. Lots of people get the flu, even possibly the H1N1 strain, and end up recovering on their own without an exact diagnosis or exotic treatment.

Another reason they state for switching is this:

CDC believes influenza and pneumonia syndromic reports are likely to be a more sensitive measure of flu-associated hospitalizations and deaths than laboratory confirmed reports during this pandemic.

What this says to me: We wanted to get the broadest numbers possible so that we could continue to scare the pants off of the public.  After all, we’ve got millions of dollars tied up in this H1N1 vaccine.  And since over half of the population is either uncertain if they will get our vaccine or certain that they won’t, we felt we had to do something dramatic to the numbers.

Am I the one being dramatic?

If you think I’m the one being dramatic or reading too much into things with an over-active imagination, check this excerpt from an article by Time published on Saturday, October 24th.  (Commentary mine, of course)

“To be basically in the peak of the flu season in October is extremely unusual,” said Centers for Disease Control (CDC) head Thomas Frieden. “The numbers continue to increase.” (Hmmm. . . wonder why. . .)

The best way to slow the growth of those numbers would be to rapidly manufacture and distribute the new H1N1 vaccine.  (Convenient, isn’t it?)

False Balances

Does anyone else find it shocking that we’re being told that there’s an H1N1 health emergency, but there are purposefully no stats to back it up?  There will be no proof in the coming months of whether H1N1 really affected anything at all!

Even more appalling is that they have been purposefully inflating the numbers by broadening the definition and the method of counting.

On top of all this, there is no statistic, even in the government’s own records, substantiating Obama’s 1,000 H1N1 deaths statistic.

Whether or not we, the people, find it appalling, the Lord does.  “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord.” (Proverbs 11:1)

Evaluate the Evidence

Before you accept the information being shared by the media, please evaluate all the evidence. You can start by confirming every quote in this article on the CDC website here.

There’s so much more available.  I am tempted to post it all right now, but I know that I prefer things in small, digestible chunks, so you very well might too.

My Motivation

As a last word, I just want you to know my motivation in providing this information.  It is not to create fear, but to provide information sorely missing so that you will be less tempted to fear. And my motivation is not to stir up hatred of our government or the medical industry, but to expose fallacies and misinformation so often propagated by these groups so that we will be discerning and wise in the decisions we make.

I do have suspicions about our government’s intentions.  (As James Madison said, “All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree. “) And I do believe that because the medical industry is so tied up with the pharmaceutical industry, there is much room for greediness or ignorance to overshadow the truth.  But apart from God’s grace I would be just as corrupt and greedy. (I was tempted to walk out of Sam’s Club a couple of weeks ago with an extra bag of avocados that no one scanned. If I could abandon God’s law to gain 5 avocados, what would I do in a position of power and influence?)

I have to continually check my heart when I research these matters.  I have to remind myself that I need to pray earnestly for our leaders, who will one day give an account to God Himself.  But, oh, how thankful I am that I am a citizen of heaven!  One day God’s kingdom will come in fullness and His perfect and righteous will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

4 Reasons to AVOID the Swine Flu Vaccine

This is a big topic these days, and I think it’s good that people are questioning whether the flu or the flu vaccine is more harmful.

This expert in infectious diseases, Dr. Kent Holtorf  says:

1) There’s really no difference between the seasonal flu and the swine flu. You might actually be better off getting the swine flu than the regular flu!

2) There is more concern about the swine flu vaccine than the swine flu itself. It’s been rushed to market and there are high levels of adjuvants like thimerosol.  Thimerosol has been linked to autism and is a proven neurotoxin with 25,000 times the level of mercury considered to be safe for food and water.

3) He will not be giving the vaccine to his kids. It’s just too big of a risk in his estimation.

One other major reason to decline the vaccine not touched upon in this brief interview is this:

4) You can protect yourself without dangerous drugs and vaccines! Here are the recommendations of Dr. Joseph Mercola:

  • Optimize your vitamin D levels. As I’ve previously reported, optimizing your vitamin D levels is one of the absolute best strategies for avoiding infections of ALL kinds, and vitamin D deficiency is likely the TRUE culprit behind the seasonality of the flu — not the flu virus itself. This is probably the single most important and least expensive action you can take. I would STRONGLY urge you to have your vitamin D level monitored to confirm your levels are at a therapeutic level, which is between 50-65 ng/ml. I also recommend using a reliable vitamin D lab like Lab Corp, if you’re in the U.S. Sometime this fall, we hope to launch a vitamin D testing service through Lab Corp that will allow you to have your vitamin D levels checked at your local blood drawing facility, and relatively inexpensively.If you are coming down with flu like symptoms and have not been on vitamin D you can take doses of 50,000 units a day for three days to treat the acute infection.
  • Avoid sugar and processed foods. Sugar decreases the function of your immune system almost immediately, and as you likely know, a strong immune system is key to fighting off viruses and other illness. Be aware that sugar is present in foods you may not suspect, like ketchup and fruit juice.
  • Get enough rest. Just like it becomes harder for you to get your daily tasks done if you’re tired, if your body is overly fatigued it will be harder for it to fight the flu. Be sure to check out my article Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep for some great tips to help you get quality rest.
  • Exercise. When you exercise, you increase your circulation and your blood flow throughout your body. The components of your immune system are also better circulated, which means your immune system has a better chance of finding an illness before it spreads. You can review my exercise guidelines for some great tips on how to get started.
  • Take a good source of animal based omega-3 fats like krill oil. Increase your intake of healthy and essential fats like the omega-3 found in krill oil, which is crucial for maintaining health. It is also vitally important to avoid damaged omega-6 oils like trans fats found in most processed foods, as it will seriously damage your immune response.
  • Wash your hands. Washing your hands will decrease your likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or other people. Be sure you don’t use antibacterial soap for this — antibacterial soaps are completely unnecessary, and they cause far more harm than good. Instead, identify a simple chemical-free soap that you can switch your family to.
  • Eat garlic regularly. Garlic works like a broad-spectrum antibiotic against bacteria, virus, and protozoa in the body. And unlike with antibiotics, no resistance can be built up so it is an absolutely safe product to use. However, if you are allergic or don’t enjoy garlic it would be best to avoid as it will likely cause more harm than good.
  • Avoid hospitals and vaccines. In this particular case, I’d also recommend you stay away from hospitals unless you’re having an emergency, as hospitals are prime breeding grounds for infections of all kinds, and could be one of the likeliest places you could be exposed to flu bugs of all kinds.As a side note, please beware that 21 different pediatric Tylenol products have been recently recalled due to the possibility of bacterial contamination. So, if your child comes down with cold or flu symptoms, make sure you do not give him or her a potentially contaminated product.

    Better yet, help your child recover using more traditional cold and flu remedies, such as, hydrogen peroxide solution in the ear, zinc lozenges, high quality raw honey, or a homemade cough syrup. For more information and instructions, please see this previous article: Is Honey More Effective Than Cough Medicine?

The Truth about the Swine Flu (and vaccines in general)

I assimilated this information from an article by Dr. Russell Blaylock and a parallel interview that Dr. Mercola did with him. (You can find both here.) Then I added additional related information from the head of the National Vaccine Information Center and from Congressman Ron Paul.

Dr. Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. For the past 25 years he has practiced neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice. He recently retired from both practices to devote full time to nutritional studies and research.

The interview with Dr. Blaylock was 40 minutes long, but SO informative! I figured most people wouldn’t watch it and that I wouldn’t watch it again or read through the technical information in his article again, so I just took really detailed notes.  I also organized the information in a way that made better sense to my brain.

I hope this information serves you!

Science is saying that there’s been much ado about nothing.

As stated by virologists – the scientists who study viruses – the swine flu virus is no more a danger than the seasonal virus that visits each year.  It actually seems to be much weaker!

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) itself, in its materials, says the swine flu is a mild, seasonal flu. The death rate is actually lower than the past two seasons of flu, even in the pediatric age group.  It appears to have a lower communicability than previous flu viruses.

But aren’t there people dying from this swine flu?

What is little understood by the general public is that the only reason people die from the flu is that they have either an immune suppressing chronic illness (such as diabetes), direct immune dysfunction, dietary deficiencies of critical immune-supporting nutrients, chronic pulmonary disease, heart disease or cancer.

A study by the CDC found that 32% of children dying from H1N1 flu had asthma, when the incidence of asthma in the general population was 8%. Two thirds of the children who died had neurological disorders, such as seizures and cerebral palsy.

So, the vast majority (about 90%) of children who are dying have one of a number of chronic health conditions.  Yet the media gives us the impression that perfectly healthy children are dying. Keep in mind that the number of flu-related deaths among children was lower this year than the previous two years.

So, rest assured that if you or your child don’t have any chronic degenerative disease and lead a healthy lifestyle, the risk of suffering any significant complication is virtually non-existent.

The government’s stats are highly inflated.

The government recently put out a statistic saying that 90,000 people would die of the flu.  But Dr. Blaylock ran the numbers based on what we’ve seen so far, and the worst projection is actually only 5,000.

Here’s a quote from Congressman Ron Paul on the recent swine flu scare.  You can watch the full 3 minute, 52 second video here.

Looks like our government is getting us pretty upset and concerned about the swine flu.  This is interesting to me, not only for political reasons, but also as a physician.

It makes me think back to 1976, the first year I served in the Congress.  We had a vote on the swine flu.  We had a panic, and they said it was going to sweep the nation. They rapidly came up with some flu shots and the government was going to inoculate everyone and save the world from this disaster.  I remember there were two votes against it: myself and Larry McDonald, another physician.

It turned out that our instincts were correct. Not only did we object because we didn’t think the government should be in the medical business and making these medical decisions, but the flu came and the flu went and one person died — EXCEPT for those individuals who died from getting the flu vaccine. Over 25 people died just from getting the vaccine and many got ill from it until finally they had to suspend the whole program.

Here we are once again, the swine flu coming up, and everybody is panicking.  This is not to downplay the seriousness.  Some people have died; some people might die yet.  We have had no deaths in this country.  There are 7 or 8 cases up in New York. None have even been hospitalized.  Yet, it’s practically like we’ve been attacked by nuclear weapons.  I mean, press conferences over the weekend, prime item for the Department of Homeland Security?! Now, how did the Department of Homeland Security get into the medical business?  It is just totally, totally out of control …

. . . Does a bigger government solve these problems?  They usually make it much worse.  All I am asking people to do is to step back and think for a minute rather than rushing and panicking.

The government is creating fear in order to push mandatory vaccination.

Homeland Security and FEMA are pushing for forced vaccinations.  But the medical experts, virologists and epidemiologists are calling for calm and resorting to voluntary vaccination only. The former have links with the vaccine manufacturers via political contacts.  So, behind the push to vaccinate the entire population are the pharmaceutical makers of the vaccines.  They are working in conjunction with the government to make the vaccine mandatory.

The drug companies are preparing at least 4 billion doses of this vaccine worldwide.  A great deal of money will be made by the manufacturers should forced vaccinations be mandated. The drug companies are using the leverage of the government to confiscate the income.

Dr. Russell Blaylock says, “It is obvious that the government is using scare tactics” to promote vaccine use in the United States and that the pharmaceutical makers of vaccines are in bed with these officials. The public should be outraged.”

What the government is doing is morally reprehensible.

People have a false impression of vaccines.

People think vaccines are a sterile, purified solution to prevent infection and give them immunity. What they are not aware of is that there are many negative by-products and preservatives in those vials. The contamination issue far exceeds any other issue, because not only are YOU infected, but it’s passed on to your children and grandchildren.

We saw this with the SV-40 contamination of the polio virus.  We’re now seeing this in 2nd and 3rd generations.  It’s producing brain, lung, and ovarian tumors.  This is being kept completely away from the public, but is discussed widely in medical literature.

Vaccines are the most abnormal way to produce immunity in a person. It does not replicate natural infection.  You get a completely different immune reaction than you would normally.  This immune reaction can be very destructive.  It’s a long term reaction that could go on for years, producing smoldering brain inflammation, loss of memory, loss of coordination.  This is being completely ignored by the pharmaceutical companies, but is well documented in medical literature.

Additionally, many vaccinations, like MMR and HIB are powerful immune suppressants.  So, if a child gets an MMR or HIB shot and then is exposed to the flu virus, it increases their chances of dying from the flu.  Parents are typically not told this explicitly.

Most doctors only have half the story.

This is not something physicians are taught in medical school.  Doctors get their information about vaccines from the vaccine manufacturers and from their societies, like the American Academy of Pediatrics.  However, a number of investigations have shown that a large percentage of the people on the vaccine board and the AAP are receiving money from the vaccine manufactures. So, the physicians are not getting accurate information.  And most are not digging into the scientific literature to find out the rest of the story.

Reasons to avoid the Swine Flu vaccine (and most vaccines for that matter)

1) The vaccines are not effective. Strong evidence from 51 different well-conducted studies show that children under age 2 get absolutely no protection from the flu vaccine whatsoever. They did a 30 year study on adults and found it did not reduce hospitalizations or death at all. That’s 0%.   Yet, people are still being told to get the vaccine to reduce hospitalizations and death.

2) Use of vaccines have serious consequences. Many are heavily contaminated with a number of stealth-type viruses, adjuvant, and preservatives.

a. Stealth-type virus. According to a number of studies, vaccine contamination is widespread, with vaccines containing pestivirus, mycoplasma, viral fragments, DNA fragments and bacterial components, all of which can produce chronic systemic disorders, cancer, neurologic diseases and even slow brain degeneration. The neurological world has seen an explosion of vaccine-related disorders. Medical professionals in closed meeting discuss this extensively, but they don’t let the public know about it. They’re afraid that if the public knew these vaccines were contaminated and could cause degenerative brain disease and cancer even a decade or two decades later, they would not be so quick to take them.

b. Adjuvants. The oil-based adjuvant, Squalene, is being considered for use in this flu virus. But ALL oil-based adjuvants are associated with auto-immune diseases, such as an MS-like neurological syndrome, rheumatoid joint disease and especially Lupus. There has been a paralleled explosion of auto-immune diseases in the American public and the British, where the most concentrated vaccine programs are carried out.

It is important to note that there were three studies addressing the issue of the safety of Squalene.  They all said it was perfectly safe.  But a closer look reveals that two were published by pharmaceutical companies; the other was published by the Department of Defense.  ALL of the independent studies showed that Squalene is dangerous when injected into the muscle.  So, we see again and again that the pharmaceutical industries are not above faking studies.

c. Preservatives.

Mercury. The seasonal flu vaccine that they are giving with the other two swine flu vaccines will have mercury as a preservative. Mercury has been shown, even in very low concentrations, to produce slow degeneration in the brain.  The fact that they will be giving this to infants, pregnant women, and the elderly is terrifying.  As mercury accumulates in the brain, it’s converted to ionic mercury, which is the most destructive and difficult to remove from the brain.  So, it stays for decades, if not a lifetime. Most poisons are toxic in measurements of parts-per-million.  Mercury, however, is toxic at parts-per-billion.  To illustrate, this would be the equivalent of one grain of salt in an entire swimming pool.  It doesn’t take much to cause significant damage. It’s not like arsenic where you ingest it and drop dead.  It causes interference in cell function, particularly in the brain. Can cause subtle problems like language or behavioral problems.  Or it can cause full blown autism.

Aluminum. Just about EVERY vaccine contains aluminum, which has been shown to accumulate in the brain in a lifetime, producing brain inflammation. Aluminum is associated with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease.  In regards to Lou Gehrig’s disease (100% fatal), vaccination increases the incident of ALS in soldiers who are taking the Anthrax vaccine 200%!

3)  The Swine Flu vaccine is being fast-tracked. This means the vaccine manufacturers are not using the safety precautions they normally use (which are not tremendously good in the first place). Since they don’t have as much of the antigen (the actual flu virus) to put in the vaccine, they are massively increasing the adjuvant component.

They have done 5 safety studies, however NONE of these studies are using vaccine which contain ANY adjuvant whatsoever!!!  (See details at When the vaccine is released it WILL have adjuvant in it.

This is the exact same bait-and-switch they did in 1976 that produced the disaster we saw.  They tested one vaccine and gave a different one during the mass vaccinations. Over 500 people were paralyzed with Guillain Barre disorder. The actual incidence was much higher, because it was not a reportable disease. And over 300 people died, which is also a very low figure.  We’ll see a lot more Guillain Barre paralysis. Infants will die; pregnant women will have babies who have a high risk of developing autism and schitsophrenia. (Immunization during pregnancy can drastically increase these conditions in offspring.)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was asked, “Do you have any experience using these adjuvants in children?”  He said, “No, we don’t have any data.”  In other words, millions of children will be guinea pigs to see what these adjuvants will do.

He was asked, “Do you know what will happen when you mix these viruses in these three vaccines that you’re planning to give?”  He said, “No, we don’t have any idea.”

Then he was asked,” Two of the big studies are being done by major pharmaceutical companies. Are you planning on looking at the safety data from the number one supplier of the vaccine?”  His answer was, “No, they have their own, very complicated internal examining system.  We’ll just let them do it.”

There are a lot of unknowns that they admit. (See Nature Vol 460/30 July 2009, p 562 for the interview.)

This quote from Barbara Loe Fisher, of the National Vaccine Information Center (, sums it up well.  You can watch the full 10 minute video here.

If the government can let vaccine manufacturers fast-track Gardisil vaccine, but can’t compel the drug companies that makes the vaccine or doctors who give the vaccine (who are shielded from liability), to report each and every death and serious injury that follows vaccination, why should we believe anything government health officials tell us about the safety of vaccines?  Why should we believe that the experimental swine flu vaccines being fast-tracked with only a few weeks of study in healthy children and adults are going to be safe?  And that all vaccine reactions will be reported to the government and then properly followed up? It is far more likely that when children get swine flu vaccines in schools and then get really sick or even die (like the Gardisil girls), all those bad health outcomes will be written off as a “coincidence” by health officials if any reports are made to the government at all… This is not the way to run a national vaccine program…

Now, today, we have swine flu vaccines that are being rushed to market with even less testing than the fast-tracked Gardisil vaccine had with the justification that there is a public health emergency.  What public health emergency?!?  As everyone knows by now the swine flu is no more serious than the garden variety influenza that goes around every year.

What to do if you are forced to get a flu vaccine (or any other vaccine):

1.    Place a cold compress on the site of the injection immediately after the injection and continue this as often as possible for at least two days. This will prevent a lot of the hyper-immune reaction that causes fever, listlessness, etc. This will prevent the systemic activation of the brains’ immune cell.  So, the simple cold pack will highly protect the brain. If symptoms of fever, irritability, fatigue or flu-like symptoms reoccur — continue the cold compresses until they abate. A cold shower or bath will also help.

2.    Vitamin D3 reduces excess immune over-reaction. Vitamin D3 is perfectly safe and will help your body to produce antimicrobial peptides, which kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Studies have directly correlated the risk of dying from infection to the blood level of vitamin D3.  If you increase D3, your risk of dying from these infections and risk of developing an autoimmune disease or severe brain disease falls significantly.

a.    All Children (even small children)—5,000 IU a day for two weeks after vaccine then 2,000 IU a day thereafter
b.    Adults — 20,000 IU a day after vaccine for two weeks then 10,000 IU a day thereafter
c.    Take 500 mg to 1000 mg of calcium citrate a day for adults and 250 mg a day for children under age 12 years.

3.    Take fish oils — I recommend the Norwegian fish oil made by Carlson Labs — it has the correct balance of EPA and DHA to reduce the cytokine storm. The dose is one tablespoon a day — if severe symptoms develop — two tablespoons a day until well and then switch to one tablespoon a day. Children — one teaspoon a day.

4.    Curcumin, quercetin, ferulic acid and ellagic acid as a mixture — the first two must be mixed with extra virgin olive in one teaspoon. Take the mix three times a day (500 mg of each). This will dramatically reduce inflammation in the body.

5.    Vitamin E (natural form) 400 IU a day (high in gamma-E)

6.    Vitamin C 1000 mg four times a day

7.    Astaxanthin 4 mg a day

8.    Zinc 20 mg a day for one week then 5 mg a day

9.    Avoid all immune stimulating supplements (mushroom extracts, whey protein) except beta-glucan — it has been shown to reduce inflammation, microglial activation and has a reduced risk of aggravating autoimmunity, while increasing antiviral cellular immunity.

10.    Take a multivitamin/mineral daily (one without iron — Extend Core)

11.    Magnesium citrate/malate 500 mg of elemental magnesium two capsules three times a day

12.    Avoid all mercury-containing seafood

13.    Avoid omega-6 oils (corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, canola and peanut oils)

14.    Blenderize parsley and celery and drink 8 ounces twice a day

15.    Take Jatoba tea extract (add 20 drops in on cup of tea) one day before the vaccine and the twice a day thereafter. (you can get it at It is inexpensive.

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