Potty Training Tip

Here’s a potty training tip from my experience:  Wait a couple of months after you think your child is ready to potty train and then do it.

Both of my kids they seemed ready to potty train before I was ready for them to be potty training.  Madeline was “ready” right before Anson was born.  I wasn’t interested in having to run a toddler to the bathroom while I was adjusting to a newborn.  Anson was “ready” before our move when life was just too crazy.  So, Erich and I decided to just kept them both in diapers for a couple of extra months until I was ready to handle quick runs to the bathroom and occasional accidents while they learned.  It has made potty training with both such a breeze!

I’ve heard horror stories from others who started right when it seemed their child was ready.  They seem ready when they can tell you just before or while they pee/poo.  Often, they will even correctly go on the toilet.  But maybe kids aren’t exactly ready at the exact moment they seem to be ready.

Whatever the exact reason may be, those extra months with both of mine have certainly turned out to help, and not hinder, our process.