I have been in the process of compiling my favorite sites and books for some time.  Given the recent upheaval in our family’s world-view (see this post to start that story), I’ve been slowly altering this list to better reflect current recommended resources. Check back soon, as the list will be changing and growing.

(As a P.S., if you use the special Amazon links, you’ll not only be able to shop conveniently online, but you’ll be throwing a few pennies to our family at the same time without paying any extra.)

Scripture Memorization

Seeds CDs – These are one of our family’s favorite resources of all time.  These CDs are loaded with scripture-only songs that both kids and adults love.  My husband and I don’t care for the super sing-songy-kiddy type songs.  These are nothing like that.  We have internalized a ton of wonderful scriptures by listening to these CDs.  If you click on any of the albums on the link, you can listen to all of the songs on that CD.  Plus, they have a buy-one-give-one system.  Every CD you buy comes with another one to give away. So cool!

Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System

Modified Memory System for binders and all subjects

Method for Memorizing Scripture (pdf)

Bible Study Tools (website) – I love this site! Type in a scripture reference in the white bar at the very top to see the original Hebrew or Greek and the literal translation.  You can also hone in on a specific Hebrew or Greek word to see what it means and every other instance where that same word was used.  Often the same word gets translated different ways.  Its fascinating to see how translators choose to translate the exact same word differently in different spots.  Very enlightening! (website) – Search for bible verses using a word, phrase, or scripture reference. Many different translations are available.

King James, Greek Septuagint, Hebrew Tanach, Latin Vulgate Parallel (website)

The Hebraic Roots Network (website) A hub of grace-filled, knowledgeable, balanced teachers of the whole Bible.  I have recently been studying the Creation Gospel of Dr. Hollisa Alewine.Wonderful stuff!

Torah Resource Parashah Comments (website) – I very much appreciate the comments made on this site.  As their website says, their materials are “Biblically based, Honoring Yeshua, Upholding Torah.”

Torah Class (website) – Several friends have given high recommendations of this series of free teachings, including this one: “This is the best balanced Bible study I have used in 29 years homeschooling! and its FREE! You can watch a video with your children every morning,  and/or  read transcripts at  and download slideshows for each chapter.” The description on the website reads, “Torah Class cross-references the Torah and Old Testament passages with New Testament passages to reveal their seamless continuity. is the recognized premier online source for Old Testament bible studies and scripture research for Christians, Messianic Jews, and all seekers of truth.”

AlephBeta Academy (website) – I have only seen one Torah -portion video on this site, but I really liked it.  I wanted to note it for further study. (After a bit more further study, which I did enjoy, I found out that the site is a member-site, requiring payment to watch videos after you’ve exceeded the allotted “free” stuff…)

Scripture Pictures (website) – Pretty scripture pictures for memorization or decoration.

Bible Study for Kids

The Quick View Bible (website) – Interesting, eye-catching “infographics.”  Though I don’t agree with the interpretations contained within some of the graphics, many seemed like they’d be helpful for quick reviews.

MrBibleHead (website) – Good illustrations.

Torah School (website)

Children’s Lessons from

Bible Cake (activity for kids)

Kid’s Books (Don’t be fooled.  These minister to adult souls too!)

Kingdom Tales –  This incredible book is a 3-part allegory of the kingdom and the King. Each chapter is a mini-story. Several of the chapters bring me to tears and give me goose bumps each time I read them. I just love how poetically and beautifully it is written, and how it speaks to the innermost depths of those who love and long for the King! (Originally, the stories were published as 3 separate books: Tales of the Kingdom, Tales of the Resistance, and Tales of the Restoration.  Our curriculum provided all three printed in a single volume, named Kingdom Tales. It also includes discussion questions after each chapter. The best price I’ve found for this book is through the company linked above.)

The Jesus Storybook Bible This simple and beautifully illustrated version of the Bible has surprised me with both it’s connections to Jesus that I had never made before and it’s depth of emotion.

ABC Bible Verses –  At first I thought these stories were all together too idyllic.  Missy’s friend wants her to disobey her mom. Missy won’t do it.  Her friend gets mad.  Missy gives a soft answer, which turns away her friend’s wrath. Her friend repents for trying to get her to disobey her mom.  They are best friends forever.  But I’ve come to see that this kind of interaction may not be so improbable if children are taught diligently in these matters from youth.  The stories provide material for us to discuss real-life issues that our kids face everyday.

Pilgrim’s Progress – This is one of my favorite books of all time.  I’ve read 3 or 4 versions of it.  Though I haven’t read this particular version, it came recommended from a reliable source.  I’m sure I’ll love it.

Kid’s Books About Protection / Purity

God Made All of Me (book) – This is an excellent children’s book explaining the difficult issues related to anatomy and privacy – the kinds of topics you may have been avoiding or wondering if you’ve been engaging in it effectively.  If you have small kids, you should read this book to them to begin a conversation about safety and protection of their bodies.  If you have bigger kids, and you haven’t begun that conversation, you should read this book to them and start it now.

Family Entertainment

Brinkman Adventures (CDs) – We love the wholesome, gospel-centered, God-honoring messages in each Brinkman episode. In addition to the amazing missionary adventures, the episodes also address problems all people face (missionaries and non-missionaries alike) like fear, disappointment in parents’ decisions, struggles between siblings, etc.  Prayer is central to each episode, which we love.  Being able to hear people (not just in our family or congregation) pray, is so instructive for our kids.  Each episode supports the work we are doing in our own family. And the stories provide such wonderful examples of God’s awesome power and provision.  All of us are provoked to ponder and rejoice in our great and mighty God!

The Covenant – The Story of My People (DVD) This beautiful musical walks through the history of God’s people from Abraham, to Moses, to Daniel, to the Holocaust, to the present-day state of Israel. (Though not all native-born Israelites are true Israelites, our Father’s heart is for them to know Him and His Salvation, Yeshua.) This video regularly causes me to tear up and gives me chills.  It’s a wonderful resource for the whole family.

Matthew – The Visual Bible (DVD) This is a movie based on a word-for-word reading of the book of Matthew.  The actor who plays the Savior is brilliant.  We call him the “Happy Jesus.”  He is tender and compassionate, yet still strong. The way he delivered some of the sayings of Yeshua really caused me to rethink how I read those parts of my Bible now.

The King is Born (10 Bible Stories DVD) Ten cartoon retellings of Bible stories.  Several give me goosebumps every time I watch them.

The Miracle Worker (DVD) Another good, safe, fascinating story.

Homeschooling Resources


  • Homeschooling Torah (website) We have just completed our first year of these materials, doing Ancient History (creation through the dispersion of Israel to Assyria) and Nakh Bible (focusing on the writings and prophets of the Hebrew Bible).  We have very much enjoyed it and are excited about the upcoming year of history walking through Daniel’s statue (Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome) and the apostolic scriptures (Matthew to Revelation). Though I have primarily used this curriculum for history and Bible, they offer many other subjects.  Their one-year Grammar program is extremely solid and uses scripture as its sole source of examples and practice, which I love.  I will certainly be using that again in the future. I’ll also be trying out their science program this coming year.
  • Corrie ten Boom Museum Virtual Tour (website) For when we get to this period of history.
  • Birmingham Museum (website) Interactive online activities by time periods (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Victorians, and World War II)

Phonics / Spelling

  • Starfall (website) This is an excellent and free phonics resource for pre-schoolers through first graders.  There are fun videos, activities, and free worksheets that can be printed out.  I don’t think I will ever purchase a phonics program because of how complete and excellent Starfall is!
  • Galactic Phonics (website) Lots of nice free, phonics worksheets.
  • Spelling City (website) Insert your own spelling list and the site customizes all kinds of games for free.





  • Math U See (website) I have enjoyed the systematic approach offered in this program.  I also like that every lesson is taught by a skilled math teacher, Steve Demme, via DVD. His instruction is for both the student and for the teacher.  This is one of the few curriculum we’ve started with and stuck with for the last five years. I have no intentions of using any other math program in the future.
  • Math is Fun (website)


Worksheet Sites

  • Education (website)
  • Super Teacher Worksheets (website) Some great free worksheets on this website.  Includes math, language arts, science, geography, and more.
  • KB Teachers (website) Free and premium worksheets, activities and printable pages.  Free pages have a watermark across them.  With membership, there’ s no watermark.You can totally customize your own writing worksheets here! Type in words or letters, choose a font, and then the page is populated with your text. Print so that your child can practice writing.

Terra Nova Testing Practice


  • Adapted Mind (website) This is another excellent resource.  Like Starfall, it’s a very fun program.  The kids complete exercises and earn badges which accumulate in a badge book.  It inspires great amounts of self-motivation in my kids.  They want to keep going to unlock more badges. The difference between this and Starfall, is that it is primarily a math program for students in 1st through 6th grades.  And it’s not free, but it’s reasonable, especially for my purposes.  I have been using this site for the last three years as a way to prep my students for their yearly testing.  Since my math curriculum moves slowly and methodically, I wanted to have a way to round them out and freshen them up before I sent them off to their tests.  After a 30-day free trial, you can cancel or put your account on hold until you’re ready to use it again.
  • Guilt-Free Homeschooling I have just recently entered the homeschooling waters.  Fortunately for me (and my beautiful little students), I discovered this blog written by an 11 year veteran homeschooler, Carolyn.  I was first intrigued by the name and was immediately encouraged by Carolyn’s reasonable homeschooling mindset.  Any homeschooling mom who struggles with the ever-frantic-because-there’s-SOMETHING-I’m-missing-I’m-SURE! mindset that I have all too often should check this out.
  • Lapbooking
  • Educational Worksheets of all kinds
  • Creative Ways to Memorize


Time to Read Hebrew – Volume 1 (book) My second grader and fourth grader have just finished going through this book.  We have really enjoyed its gentle approach to learning the Hebrew language.  Its focus centers around the words associated Biblical holidays (like the challah and wine of Shabbat, for example).  Though we don’t celebrate all of the festivals/traditions included (like bat-mitzvahs), or at least not in all the same ways (we’ve never dressed in costumes for Purim), it’s provided opportunities for us to discuss these practices. Prior to beginning this workbook, we had gone over the Hebrew letters and sounds thoroughly.  This was the perfect next step to begin learning how to put those letters together along with Hebrew vowels to form words.  We have already gained enough understanding to be able to appreciate some of the Hebrew words we’ve looked up in the interlinear Bible as we’ve been learning scriptures.  What fun we’ve had to imagine a day in the not-too-distant future when we’ll be able to read from the Hebrew text and understand it!

Time to Read Hebrew – Volume 2 (book) Our next step.

The Time for Prayer Program – Book 1 (book) Since my primary goal for our kids (and myself) is to be able to read Biblical Hebrew and not necessarily to speak modern Hebrew, I plan to pursue the route of digging further into Biblical vocabulary through this series once we’ve learned to read through the Time to Read books.

The Time for Prayer Program – Book 2 (book)

The Time for Prayer Program – Book 3 (book)

The Time for Prayer Program – Book 4 (book)

Series of Hebrew/English Bible Stories (books) This is a beautiful series of books told in the language of the Hebrew Bible with word-for-word translation, glossary, and transliteration that make learning Biblical Hebrew exciting and attainable. The books include full-color reproductions of silk paintings.

Biblical Feast Days

A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays (book) – I have this book and have enjoyed it over the last few months.  I especially like the activities included for kids.  I think the description Amazon gives of this book is great, so I’m including that here: “This giant book gives an extensive look at the nine annual holidays Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Tabernacles, Hanukkah, Purim and the weekly holiday, the Sabbath! You will learn the historical, agricultural, spiritual, and prophetic purposes of each holiday, showing how each points to Christ and creative ways to teach them to your children!”


Supernatural Childbirth (book)  Even though I had wonderful labors with all four of my babies, I never considered that since Christ bore our pain and sorrows, the pain and sorrow in childbirth we were told about in Genesis no longer has to apply to us.  The idea has rocked my world and given me new excitement to go through it all again.


Little Children, Big God (book) Best book I’ve read in a while! I’ll have more to say on it soon, but for now, I wanted to post the link and encourage everyone to check it out!

Loving the Little Years (book) Excellent resource for parents of littles.  Written in short chapters, it is perfect for mothers who don’t have much free time but need encouragement and admonition.

The Art of Natural Family Planning (book) This is the book we used to learn about Natural Family Planning. It was written by The Couple to Couple League, an organization of the Catholic Church.  While I don’t agree with every theological point in this book, it has been a great tool to teach me how to interpret the signs of fertility God has given us so that Erich and I can plan for our family naturally.  Read about our birth control history here.

Child Restraint Law (website) – Reference for legal car seats.

Baby Stuff

Alva Baby Cloth Diapers (website) – These are wonderful, INEXPENSIVE cloth diapers.  I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and have never had a snap pop off or any other malfunction.

Eco Sprout Detergent (website) – This detergent was recommended to me and has been working well with the Alva Baby cloth diapers, so I’m sticking with it!

Dog Stuff

Garlic for dogs –

Healthy Homemaking

Christina Chronicles (website) – I just discovered this blog.  I haven’t explored it thoroughly yet, but I intend to check more out soon.

Keeper of the Home (website) This woman beautifully models how to be both a composter and a Christian.  Both worlds can be melded together for God’s glory! What an encouragement to me!

Passionate Homemaking (website) Another incredible, healthy homemaker. She’s got a lot of terrific resources.

Domestic by Design (website) The main author of this site is a personal friend of mine.  I deeply respect her heart and the way she gracefully follows her convictions.   I’m currently on a mission to read every post of this blog.

Intentional by Grace (website) This is another personal friend of mine.  She touches on everything from money to marriage to Monday night’s dinner.  Good stuff!

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home (pdf)


Know Your Enemy (YouTube) This is a 77 part video series.  Before you run away at the thought of a 77 part series, know that these are 5-15 minute videos that walk through the history of the Enemy from the Garden of Eden all the way through New World Order stuff.  It’s a very enlightening series.  Worth the watch!

Modest Clothing


Emergency Prep

Your Own Home Store

Prepared Housewives

The Survival Mom


13 Tips and Tricks for Camping with Kids

Tent Camping – Packing List & Organization

The Camping Family

Camping Goods:


Geoff Lawton

An American Homestead

Heating Home with Wood

Masonry Heaters

Nutrition and Health

Anne’s Health Classes (website) – to check out more thoroughly soon (website) Dr. Mercola offers a newsletter on medical issues.  Though his articles can be a bit long, they are very informative. Just beware of the sometimes out-there ideas he has.  I don’t subscribe to everything he says. But on matters of medicine, I respect his opinion.

Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database


Seasoning Cast Iron with Flax Seed Oil

Cuisinart Culinary Class

List of Free Online Cooking Classes


Simple Elderberry Syrup (recipe) – recommended by a couple of friends to try very soon.

The Ultimate Immune Boosting Elderberry Syrup (recipe) – recommended by a friend.  to try one day soon, hopefully.

Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam (book)  I’m not an all-out gluten-free person, but I love Elana’s healthy alternatives for cakes, breads, and more.  Once I got a few of the strange staples she uses (almond flour, arrowroot powder, agave nectar), I was all set and ready to improve my family’s health one delicious muffin at a time.  I have featured several of her recipes on my blog.

Elana’s Pantry (website) This is Elana’s blog-style-website.  Such a neat resource for healthy eating ideas!

Joy of Kosher (website)


Charcoal Info


Pro-Vaccine and Cautionary Resources  This is a great “Consumer Reports” list of resources for parents wanting to consider both sides of the vaccine debate.

Warning Against Signing a “Refusal to Vaccinate Form” – Very important read for non-vaccinators.


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